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  1. Stewie Griffin

    ثناء بچہ نے وزیراعظم عمران خان سے استعفیٰ مانگ لیا

    holy sh1t she is so fugly, fcuk is she doing with that nose and fcuking hair lol
  2. Stewie Griffin

    تحریک انصاف کے لوگ میرے پروگرام میں آنے سے بھاگ گئے، غریدہ

    she is a one fugly bitch lol but the confidence omg "bhag gai" fuckin fat midget
  3. Stewie Griffin

    Pathetic n ignorant indian tried to xplain Sharia, got embarrassed.

    Abu Laith is actually a mufti??? lol he is the biggest pos and M. Hijab had nothing to do with that attack anyway. what a croc of shit!
  4. Stewie Griffin

    جنید صفدر کو یہ آواز یقیناً والدہ سے وراثت میں ملی ہوگی۔ غریدہ فاروقی

    I want to see his dancing skills I bet he beats his mom in that as well
  5. Stewie Griffin

    طالبان نے ٹی ٹی پی رہنما جیل سے رہا کر دئیے

    he was released by Ashraf Ghani 6 months back.
  6. Stewie Griffin

    Moeed Yusuf on BBC (August 13, 2021)...

    lol that kabul b1tch
  7. Stewie Griffin

    Another Raiwind Palace : Rashid Dostum's Mansion

    this was Gen. Ata's mansion.
  8. Stewie Griffin

    فوجی کا کتا گھر کا نہ گھاٹ کا

    fauji da kuta?? NS pehn chod kuta! feels so good to cuss this traitor out:)
  9. Stewie Griffin

    22 afghan commandos executed by Taliban

    Another indian video lol
  10. Stewie Griffin

    What English-speaking morons watch to cover up their Inferiority Complex???

    i think she is pissed coz they was a chink in her hinduvta punani.
  11. Stewie Griffin

    Which countries are our friends : Palestinians

    If u r immigrating to israel then its not ur country is it, u know what an oxymoron is? Dont bother its a rhetorical question. Now pi$$ off i dont want to talk to a zinoist qasiani.
  12. Stewie Griffin

    Which countries are our friends : Palestinians

    Whats wrong with u sucking on my dingdong, its my dingdong after all.