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    Tum Kutte Ki Nasal Se Ho - Intense Fight Between Mushahidullah & Mian Ateeq

    This from H .mandi back expect any thing from him..
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    Maulana Fazl ur Rehman warns Pak Army - "you are behind this mess"

    This Shaitan corrupt Molvi Fazlu is a burden on Pakistan...and we are the responsible to create such.Ha.ram khoor giving them Chandas and sending children in his madarsas..We are paying the price for this sin..BTW...Molvi diesel in big back hole pain after he become no entity in...
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    مریم کا پارٹی پر سیاسی خودکش حملہ

    S Jaan ne hamary bakao mall anchors ki M B Aik Kar di..lekan sharam in ko phir bhi nahi ani..
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    مریم کا پارٹی پر سیاسی خودکش حملہ

    Jutt sahib..ap ne Tu do char lines mein hi Mayrum bibi Ka post martum Kar dia...
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    مریم کا پارٹی پر سیاسی خودکش حملہ

    Mayrum low mentality.. destroyed whole politics of Nawaz..Showbaz and also herself..She is a typical type of.morally.spritually corrupt politician..Do any one know who grown her in politics?? Cap.Safdar become a pet do.g Infront of her..Sherry Rehman from PPP also same type of female politician...
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    FATF is all about foriegn policy nothing to do with inland laws

    You better to serve your is Zardari..Billo and Bhutto aj bhi dobay howay Sindh mein Zindah ha..Leave PTI for 5 years...or bear it..If you can saw Nawaz Zardari like corrupt.. criminals for many years..why not give five years to PTI??
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    PMLN and Pakistan's Judiciary || Anchor Imran Khan

    One question to IHC and LHC only for hearing cases of transfer .posting of executives?? Do we have any examples in any other Higher Courts from other countries??
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    FATF is all about foriegn policy nothing to do with inland laws

    This jhota [email protected] can be purchase for one rupees..By born sold out..
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    FATF is all about foriegn policy nothing to do with inland laws

    FATF..IMF..World Bank.UN all institutions are tools of west to pressure the poor and Thiers desire political agendas..But Pakistan should implement these laws..This is for Pakistan.. As for FATF black mailing.. Pakistan should reconsider relationship with those countries who work against...
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    ملک میں شیعہ سنی فساد کروانے کی بھارتی سازش ناکام بنا دی گئی، شیخ رشید

    Raw.CIA..Mosad and some Arabs countries have proxy Molvis to spread Firqa hate and unrest in Pakistan.They spended and keep spending huge money on these Firqa Parast Molvis.. Pakistan should eleminate these Shaitan Molvis from Pakistan..NECTA action plan must implement now with full force..
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    Covid Cases are sky rocketing in India - 1 million cases in last 10 days

    This is alarming..All countries who have borders with India should immediately close them..ban flights and peoples from India till India able to control spread of Covid19..India is more dangerous country to spread the Virus..becoz.poor health system..big population..70% peoples live in poor...
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    India is building a fast track tunnel to disputed border with China

    And this long and expensive tunnel can easily be blocked with one missile for months..
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    ملک میں شیعہ سنی فساد کروانے کی بھارتی سازش ناکام بنا دی گئی، شیخ رشید

    Unfortunately..this site allow Secterain spread users to post hate metrials..which very sad..
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    We are looking forward to learn from Israel - UAE

    Very sad..Why Muslim state need a killer state to be followed??
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    ہم نے واک آؤٹ کر کے بل پاس کروانے کا موقع دے دیا: نبیل گبول

    Ye khud bohat bara ghunda aur corrupt ha..ab in sab choro..dakao ko motion lag gey hain bills pass honey se..Why not he ask Bilawal..why he left the house..??
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    PM Imran Khan Speech in National Assembly | 16 September 2020

    I think this was the joint session for Parliament..NA..and senate both..and opposition was in majority in joint session.. but Thiers 38 peoples were absent..I don't know legal Parliament process..but Gov can prolonged this approval..till march 2021 Senate election..then PTI Gov will have...
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    بلاول نے ترمیم پیش نہیں کی تو بات کیسے کرسکتا ہے - شاہ محمود قریشی

    Bilawal apnay abbey ko bachaney aya tha.. lekan chahray par mayosi thi..Showbaz bechargi ke allam m tha ke us ne paa jee ki baat maan Kar Pakistan aa Kar Bari ghalti ki..back bone Aik genuine bemari thi..Ab Shareef Mafias m do group ban jayain gein..
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    IHC orders to arrest Nawaz Sharif before next hearing in detailed judgment

    Now Showbaz will in trouble.. Mayrum group will try to trap Showbaz in revenge..
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    انٹی منی لانڈرنگ بل بھی قومی اسمبلی سے منظور

    Excellent....very good for Pakistan..Today..Shareef.. Zardari..Molvi Mafias exposed badily in live telecast Infront of Nation....
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    اپوزیشن شورشرابا کرتی رہی، وزیراعظم تسبیح پڑھتے رہے side peoples sit for Pakistan..others side corrupt..anti.Pakistan peoples in live show..Shame on Pmln..PPP..JI.. JUI....well done IK very important laws passed for Pakistan..