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  1. jee_nee_us

    What is qtr tarrif adjustment /DMC ?

    For the last three months i am getting 1700 rupees every month is my gepco electricity bill. I am getting this every month for three months now , any idea why i have to pay this on top of already very expensive electricity.
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    Tehrveen ka chaand ho...

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    How to lose weight effectively!

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    Two years later, Pakistan was better off with the "corrupt " government.

    Daily i see people standing in lines under the burning sun to buy the overpriced floor. Dollar standing at 170 and loans are increasing on pakistan at faster rate than ever before. Local automobile industry is destroyed despite banning the imported vehicles. Every industry is feelind the heat...
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    The Kidney Killers

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    Army Chief ki muddate mulazmat mein tausee kiun?

    Aaj kal army chief ki muddate mulazmat ki tosee per qanoon saazi per buhat behas chal rahee he , aur oppostion parties bhi apni ahmiat manwana chahti hen assembly mein aur media mein iss bill ko le ker. Apni apni fermaishain aur khwaahishat ki fehrist pesh ki jayengi aur hakumat ko blackmail...
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    Thank you Imran khan!

    You are the most wonderful person emerged out of Pakistan in it's entire history , you will always be remembered as the one who tried his very very best to make this country a better place. You have made our country proud in the last 40 years , when you were a cricketer you gave it your all and...
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    انسانی ہمدردی اور ایمبولینس کے منتظر 10000قیدی

    Pakistani jailon mein iss waqt 10000 ke kareeb bemaar murghi chore , cycle chore , bhains chore aur isee kisam ke mujrim mojood hen. Unnka pursaane haal koi nahin he , kya insaani hamdardi ki bunyaad per supreme court ya high court suo moto le gi yaa ye sahoolat sirf ek baray chore ke liye thi?
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    Peshawer walon ko BRT azaab se nikaalo!

    Peshawer ke shehri rozana ko bunyad per iss mansoobe ka azaab bhugat rahe hen jis ka the end kareeb nazar nahin aata , sheher ka bera gharak ker dia gaya he aur mansoobe mein faults bhee hen. Koi kaam nahin aata to shuru kiun kerte ho bhai.
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    Mubarak ho , bijli phir mehngi.

    Na ehtesaab ho reha hai aur na mehngai control. Bijli per unit 1.86 rs mehngi. Aur gas 8.5 % mehngi. Shosha to ye chora tha ke serdion mein bijli surplus hotee he to sasti ker dengay lekin wohi bakwaas. Gas pichle saal bhee taqreeban 300 percent mehngi ki gai thi aur ab mazeed 8.5 percent...
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    Smog is a result of decades of irresponsibility and criminal negligence.

    Today it has been discussed in courts of pakistan what measures are being taken to counter the smog over lahore , to the disappointment of court of the court that this smog wasnt created overnight. In modern civilized societies vehicles are checked for emissions and if they do not pass the test...
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    Maqbooza kashmir haath se nikal chuka he.

    India ne apna constitution change ker ke usay baqaida india ka hissa bana dia aur curfew laga dia gaya , shuru mein kuch din uss article ke hatanay per pakistan mein shore sharaba hua. Opposition ne bhi kia aur hakoomat ne bhi lekin baad mein baat sirf yeh reh gai ke curfew ko khatam kia...
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    Failed Punjab Government!

    When the previous government was in power mostly i had only one challenge for the supporter of punjab government , leave everything else just reform the police system and they ofcourse failed to do so. One year on , the next punjab government is doing one better by not only failing in every...
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    Why interest rates on car loan are so high in pakistan.

    For a car of rupees 1875000 with upfront 15% you pay a total of whopping 2900000 rupees , which is 59% more than the real price of the car. If you pay 50 percent upfront you still pay 46% more than the real price of the car. Is it same everywhere in the world?
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    How much more inflation can the people of Pakistan take?

    It is very hot these days and I want to turn on my AC in the night to sleep well for a few hours , well i turn on the AC but the thought that how much turning the AC on will cost me does not let me sleep well. Last year in one month I got bill of 28000 for gas and this coming winter I think...
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    The government should abolish general sales tax imposed on raw material for exports goods.

    Pakistan exports are already struggling to compete with the rest of the world , the imposition of taxes will only adversely affect the export industry to compete. The government is targeting to collect tax of 89-90 billion rupees through this but they are doing it at a cost of further decline...
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    Asad umar will totally hate this budget.

    This budget is not a budget but only a layout of imposition of taxes on public , this budget sets pakistan up for five more budgets like this where pakistan can not increase their exports and inflation will grow rapidly. This budget also defies the naya pakistan housing scheme where you can see...
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    Democracy , Is the romance really the answer for Pakistan?

    Looking at pakistan after 11 years of continued democracy it is certainly a lot worse that it was before. I have always loved the idea of people choosing their representatives and hence their fate. Democracy also provides us a chance to reject our previous choice if they didn't meet our...