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  1. Abu Abdul Samad Khan

    Future of Pak Russia Relations

  2. Abu Abdul Samad Khan

    How China is winning without fighting a war with India?

    From line of actual control to zone of actual control.How china is defeating indian at every step.How Sun Tzu is influencing PLA strategy in Ladakh. لائین آف ایکچول کنٹرول سے زون آف ایکچول کنٹرول تک۔کیا چین سن زو کی نصیحت پر عمل کر رہا ہے۔۔چین بغیر گولی چلائے کیسے بھارت سے فتح حاصل کر رہا ہے؟؟؟
  3. Abu Abdul Samad Khan

    SINO Russian relations and Future of Indo-Pacific strategy

    روس اور چین سٹریٹیجک پارٹنر شپ روس اور بھارت کی بڑھتی ہوئی دوریاں کیا امریکی انڈو پیسیفک حکمت عملی کامیاب ہو پائے گی؟؟؟
  4. Abu Abdul Samad Khan

    Reasons for 1965 war

  5. Abu Abdul Samad Khan

    Will India go to war with China???

    The disengagement process has barely made progress after the last round of meeting between senior Indian and Chinese commanders on July 14. (HT) 2. rigid and uncompromising stand taken by PLA’s South Xinjiang Military Region Commander Major General Liu Lin, refusing to carry out any...
  6. Abu Abdul Samad Khan

    Indian foreign policy failures and New Regional Order

    An interesting video that analyses and compares domestic situation to India’s growing Isolation in the region. Though BJP’s grip over the country’s polity is stronger than ever, especially in presence of very weak opposition which has embolden BJP. Increasing persecution of minorities...