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    PM Khan predicted on Nov 5th, 2011 - "Zardari & Sharifs will be unified"

    Nawaz was wrong that time,Imran is wrong now.
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    PM Khan predicted on Nov 5th, 2011 - "Zardari & Sharifs will be unified"

    Niazi is very clever,cunning and cruel person.He knew it after wasting twenty years in politics he can PM only with the help of establishment,traitor generals and ur fashist tactics forced opposition to unite.
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    Bilawal Bhutto speech on All Parties Conference

    You don,t have any thing to say abt Bilawal,tum sirf luch tul saktey ho.Your own leader is an adulterer,druggy,gay,womaniser
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    Bilawal Bhutto speech on All Parties Conference

    Bilawal is a wonder boy,great son of great parents.
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    نااہل و کمینے کی خوشامد سے اگر ، جنت بھی ملے تجھ کو تو منظور نہ کر"

    Really enjoying listening the wails of herami puppies of zani khan.
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    Nawaz Shareef Speech in APC

    All democratic forces should support Bilawal to rid army stooge Imran Niazi.
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    Opposition's All Parties Conference in Islamabad

    aik zerdari sub per bharee
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    Bilawal should be very afraid of Jiyala's new generation!!!

    Bilawal is a lion,he can handle adverse situations.
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    اگر کرپٹ نہیں تو سٹے کیوں لیا ہوا ہے؟؟؟؟

    Qadir made my day,he bugged PTI.
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    Nawaz Sharif laughs off when journalist ask about APC speech coverage ban

    Bilawal and Marium,two most couragous,wise and graceful politicians of Asia.
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    Did Quaid-e-Azam Want Islam in Pakistan ?

    What is Islamic system,how to choose a head of estate in islam,how to run a modern country with interest free loans,as borrowing is heram from forign countries,then how we can run the country with out money.
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    This lady is so graceful!

    She is beautiful,gracefull and at the same time she has beautiful mind.As a foriegn miniter she was admired and applauded all over the world. There is no conviction against her.
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    آصف زرداری کے والد کی تصویر

    Lazy,addicted and unemployed have been made slave by jew money and ISI media cell to bark at expresident of Pakistan who gave away all his presidential powers,forgave all his enemies,osted a dictator with out shedding any blood.
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    A message for Imported King Bilawal...

    Donkey King has almost destroyed the country,its only Emperor Bilawal who is forcing Donkey King to do some thing constructive.
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    Bilawal's Problem; Hypocrisy of Desi Liberals Exposed - Fahim A/Mohsin I

    Imran and his all wives r liberals,but Imran has become fundametalist to get votes.
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    Protest against motorway rape case carried out in Gujranwala

    Salute to these couragous ladies for protesting in favour of a rape victim, otherwise men of this country r real disappointment,they have become Haijreys,will never protest,even their moters and sisters will be raped in front of them.Country has been destroyed but no protest,leaders r being...
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    Gen Bajwa did warn about enemies hybrid warfare going on against Pakistan

    What a fancey pharase Fifth generatiion hybrid war! Army needs more support of young generation to mantain its hold on politicians and Pakistan.It already prepared a huge army of key board warriors who r helping it big way.These key board warriors have been used against politicians,media persons,
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    مسلم لیگ ن کے رہنما حمزہ شہباز شریف کی کوٹ لکھپت جیل میں طبیعت خراب

    A man is in jail with out any conviction for over one year,under the rule of justice party.
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    مذہبی منافرت اورفوج کوبدنام کرنےکاالزام،صحافی بلال فاروقی گرفتار

    Salute to those who r risking their lives to expose corrupt generals and thier dirty games to control politics of the country.
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    بلاول زرداری کی آمد پر جعلی خیمہ بستی قائم

    Donkey King is smoking weeds but son of Sindh is going door to door.