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    Who shall lead Muslim League

    Pakistani political parties structure is undemocratic.The leaders of these parties are greedy and power hungry.There is no proper system to choose a leader.Nawaz dakoo aka Parchi Sharif used under tactics to get control of PML and made it a family party.This idiot change the name of the party...
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    6 Useful Methods China Uses To Convert Desert Into Productive Lands Rich Wi

    The Thar desert looks lush green after the recent rains and flooding.There is water avaialble under ground too.Chinese can turn Thar desert into farmland and grow fruits,vegetable and crops.Pakistan has avery large population but unfortunately people very lazy and unproductive.They want to get...
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    الیکشن 2013 میں نواز شریف کی ننگی دھاندلی کر کے وزیراعظم بنا: حامد میر

    2013 elections were definitely rigged.The judiciry,Ros and Gen Kiyani were behind the rigging.The fear at the time was that if PTI won the election the relatiosn with America will deteriorate fast due to PTI's anti-drone and anti-war narrative.Nawaz aka Parchi Sharif would have lost the election...
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    Make Money by investing Safely in Pakistan with Roshan Digital Account

    Can dual nationals open this account too?
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    مولانا نیب کے رڈار پر،عامر متین نے مولانا کے اثاثوں کی تفصیلات پبلک کردیں

    Molvi Fazlu never had a proper job.He was never a civil servant or worked in any profession e.g. law,medicine,journalism etc.How did he become a billionaire(rupee billionaire)?
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    مولانا نیب کے رڈار پر،عامر متین نے مولانا کے اثاثوں کی تفصیلات پبلک کردیں

    Molvi Fazlu has very little support in former FATA regions.He used to have a lot of influence there but he has lost his vote bank.PTM is not a mass movement.If anyone breaks the law he/she will be dealt with according to the law.
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    مولانا نیب کے رڈار پر،عامر متین نے مولانا کے اثاثوں کی تفصیلات پبلک کردیں

    Fazlu is a blackmailer.He will blackmail the army if it suits him.Fazlu supports PTM so how is he going to help the army?.The best way to confront PTM is to provide health,education and jobs to people of former FATA region.
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    Will Bring 30 Lac Workers At NAB | Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Warns

    His million march and sit in was a big flop.This molvi has no support among the masses.He will be humiliated again.Forget about 30 lac can't gather 3000.Does this jahil know second wave of covid-19 can not be ruled out?.Does he want madrassa students to catch covid-19.
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    نواز شریف ضیاء الحق کا جوتا چاٹ کر یہاں تک پہنچا ہے،وزیر ریلوے شیخ رشید

    Gen Jilani and Gen Zia committed the gravest sin when they nurtured Nawaz aka Parchi Sharif and offered him important positions.Nawaz is not good enough to be a councillor.He could never become a PM in a merit based system.When people like Nawaz get into power the country pays the price for...
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    Nawaz Sharif has buried his politics by delivering speech - Sheikh Rashid

    Nawaz dakoo knows his political career is over.This speech was a parting shot.Nawaz knows he will end up in jail so he will not go to Pakistan.Now is the best opportunity for PMLN to end Sharif family's control over the party.The party should call itself PML and chose a new leader through party...
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    سارے گندے انڈے ایک ہی ٹوکری میں جمع ہوگئے ہیں - شیخ رشید

    Nawaz is the biggest dakoo in history of Pakistan.No other politician made as much money as Nawaz through corruption.Nawaz was a small time lohar living in Gwalmandi but after he got into politics he built a business empire outside Pakistan.Nawaz is basically a very stupid person,he has no...
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    India’s praise of Nawaz’s speech raises serious questions: Faisal Javed

    Nawaz has always supported Indian narrative.Nawaz dakoo is a serious security risk for Pakistan.He should be extradited from UK and locked up in jail for the rest of his life.
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    Nawaz Sharif was looking healthier than Fawad Chaudhry | Asad Umar

    Can you enlighten us what is happening in Bani Gala?
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    Media should be ashamed for showing wanted criminal Nawaz Sharif speech

    Nawaz is more dangerous than Kala Tafu.The convicted criminal Parchi Sharif has held the highest office in Pakistan.Tafu is just a criminal,he is not privy to any state secrets.Nawaz managed to hoodwink PTI and ran away to London.He was not seriously ill at all.The corrupt media and doctors...
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    Rauf Klasra's analysis on Nawaz Sharif's speech in All Parties Conference

    They are going to form All Parties Democratic Alliance(APDA).It is really All Parties Dakoos Alliance.
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    64% of NawazSharif twitter followers are either FAKE or BOT, Data Scientist

    I won't be surprised if Indians are using fake accounts to support Nawaz dakoo.
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    Pakistani Democratic Forces Long March Against " THE ESTABLISHMENT"

    What people power?.Fazlu claimed he will bring out one million people out but only one thousand turned up mostly madrassa students.Zardari has no street power.When Nawaz tried was convicted and kicked out he tried to show street power by traveling via GT road.Hardly any people turned up along...
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    “Nawaz Sharif will become Khomeni on his return to Pakistan” Captain Safdar

    Parchi Sharif is finished,destroyed.He ran away from the country on pretext of being ill.He is a convicted criminal and has no future.He will end up in jail if he goes back to Pakistan.