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    رانا ثنااللہ ابھی بھی انکاری

    in this story the tawaif must be massi mussebath? by massi musebath I mean your tweetni maryam! well she has successfully destroyed peo's career for which we must be greatful!! I believe that we must be grateful because her arrogance acting like a spoiled princess has damaged her own party.
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    آرمی چیف اور محمد زبیر کی ذاتی وابستگی ہے، اعتراض نہیں ہونا چائیے: خاقان

    jhoot bolo aur ziada jhoot bolo. kitney bc hai ye tooi party wale.
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    اگر کھلا نہیں سکتے تو پیدا کیوں کیا؟ نبیل گبول

    he can bloody talk, chamcha of zardari.
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    گندم کے کھیتوں میں بھی کھوتے

    the few tooi manjney waley are out doing some extra curricular tooi cleaing of their chor tubbar. BUT all they are left with is kabaria tubbar s#it on their hands.
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    How dare you leak company details of Bajwa's family?

    but the truth you bc mofo's are only too happy to help our enemy india in any way you can!!
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    Will Bring 30 Lac Workers At NAB | Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Warns

    during winter a animal is seen on the streets of islamabad. so be careful.
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    Will Bring 30 Lac Workers At NAB | Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Warns

    the nahoosat and phitkar on its face. no doubt the lanat on its face is a punishment.
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    [BBC] "FinCEN Files" - Leaked Documents Reveal Worldwide Money Laundering

    we need to look at it from the point of view of Pakistan, the kabaria tubbar and its lavish life they built by stealing from the people of Pakistan. Britain is a known hub where all sorts of criminals and money launderers end up. the chor daku and traitors from Pakistan have ended in the west...
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    Good News : Pakistan's textile sector is working again at full capacity

    Need to do something about energy demand. Energy will be crucial for any economic development. ipp needs to be destroyed. all agreement vis a vis power generation needs to amended.
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    64% of NawazSharif twitter followers are either FAKE or BOT, Data Scientist

    this is how bjp media cell works.