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    Friend of india nawaj sharif sends a wave of happiness for india.

    I knew that india will be happy and well friend of india and modi has helped its allie. what mian's its baybe said to that little witch sushma swaraj that she came from their country(india).
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    The Whole Plan Is Out Now Ahmad Noorani Scores An Own Goal

    traitors traitors everywhere. now this cartoon noorani is blaming Pakistan's agencies for.......hiring the khatri major arya to do the video. how f#cking moronic can noorani be. why are we blessed with such s#it stains.
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    Punjab govt takes step so No water gathers on roads of Lahore

    mian thought of this, arasthoo!
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    Gov of Punjab to start study for dams in Rajanpur and DG Khan

    i wonder if arasthoo will claim that mian thought of this!!!
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    people's party threatening the federation of Pakistan to hide incompetence

    this peepee is a cancer that has gone on for too long its time for radiotherapy to erode these tumors.
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    The original Curator of flood Showbazi is bhutto

    nikka mian stole the idea?
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    A comprehensive look at the allegations against Asim Bajwa

    احمدنورانی کے عاصم باجوہ پر لگائے گئے الزامات پر ایک سوشل میڈیا ایکٹیوسٹ ملک خرم خان کا تفصیلی پوسٹمارٹم۔۔ ملک خرم خان نے اپنے تفصیلی تھریڈ میں بتایا کہ کیسے احمد نورانی نے ایک ریٹائرڈ بھارتی میجر کی سٹوری اٹھائی اور پھر ایک غیر معروف ویب سائٹ پر یہ سٹوری چھاپی ۔ کیسے اس سٹوری کو بنیاد بناکر...
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    When 3 party (PTI,MQM&PPP) committee was announced to solve Karachi issue!!

    can the poojari of peepee shed some light on this? share their views.
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    Javaid Chaudry's column on why Pakistan should accept Israel

    we all know who this javaid chaudhry writes for. malik riaz and tooi party. tooi is dropping its shalwar or patloon for the izraelis now. its mouthpiece is shining their shoes.
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    Pakistan Buys Cheapest LNG (Gas) 230% Cheaper than Qatri LNG

    A question for the tooi manjney walay on the forum! why are we buying expensive LNG from Qatar??
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    Pakistan to create 2.5 Million New Jobs Through Construction Industry

    can the tooi wal on forum tell us why their mian gave us the gift of coal power plants that run on imported coal? was this decision made after eating excess amount khota?
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    2.75 Million Olive Trees Planted in Pakistan.

    will mofo moderators delete it because I posted it? lets see!!
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    Hoarded sugar, flour stocks worth billions recovered in ‘Tiger Force’ raids

    Hoarded sugar, flour stocks worth billions recovered in ‘Tiger Force’ raids Web Desk On Jul 6, 2020 Last updated Jul 6, 2020 ISLAMABAD: Acting on tip-offs from Tiger Force, Punjab authorities on Monday announced to recover hoarded flour, sugar, and other commodities’ stocks worth Rs 2 billion...
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    Judga badmash appears before the court offering its safai.

    judga budmash is 100% on the path of its master yahvian sharif.
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    using Qazi Faez Isa shows Imran Niazi's Property in London

    judga not judge Qazi Faez Isa uses a search tool and I searched for nawaz sharif and here is what i found.
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    Sugar Mafia=Rs 200 Billion Recovery