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  1. Londoner/Lahori

    Genocide watch in India - Karan Thapar interviews Gregory Stanton -Must See

    Only way to stop this genocide, break up of India, otherwise nothing will be able to stop it. They have done the experiment on the smaller scale (number wise) in Myanmar (minnow), world did not blink an eye, China is working towards the breaking of india, let’s hope they succeed.
  2. Londoner/Lahori

    A thread for taliban appologists

    Talibani snakes will definitely bite the hand that is feeding them, numerous groups under the same banner, now Talibans are masters of being sold to highest bidder.
  3. Londoner/Lahori

    وہ وقت دور نہیں جب ہمارے وزیراعظم کا فیصلہ آئی ایم ایف کریگا،جاویدچوہدری

    Saudis and Americans use to choose his prime minister, now IMF will. But we will elect our own prime minister.
  4. Londoner/Lahori

    مریم نواز،پرویز رشید کی لیکڈآڈیو:اپنے متعلق الفاظ پر حسن نثار کا ری ایکشن

    If he says anything else, probably he will be kicked out of GEO, his job is similar to lifafa in the form of salary.
  5. Londoner/Lahori

    We want separation from Pakistan to establish Sindhudesh: Altaf Hussain

    He has ran out of the money he stole from Pakistan, now he’s trying to attract new investors.
  6. Londoner/Lahori

    جب نواز شریف کومعالجین کہیں گےوہ ایک دن ضائع کیےبغیرواپس آئیں گے۔احسن اقبال

    He is not sick, whatever sickness he’s got, he has been managing those for last 20 years, He filed his appeal against the deportation orders on19th November, 100% chances are he will lose the appeal, because he had no legitimate grounds for, it was just time gaining tactics. He will definitely...
  7. Londoner/Lahori

    غیر سیاسی لوگوں کے ہاتھ کھڑے ہو چکے،اس لیے وہ نواز شریف کے پاس گئے،ایازصادق

    This is a bunch of baloney and fact twisting campaign going on by liars league, fact of the matter is, nawaz is ordered by home office to leave UK.
  8. Londoner/Lahori

    Maryam Nawaz Warns About More Fake Video And Audio Leaks

    Confirmed, Sunny Leonine and Mia Khalifa are currently doing various shoots for last few days while staying at Jati Umraa palace, directed by Zubair Umar.
  9. Londoner/Lahori

    ‏حکومت نےآئی ایم ایف سے 4 آنےلینے کےلیےملکی مفاد کوداؤ پرلگا دیا،احسن اقبال

    Okay, We will suggest IK not to do it, but on one condition, you ask your filthy rich OWNERS to lend Pakistan same amount.
  10. Londoner/Lahori

    نوازشریف کی تقریر،کاشف عباسی کا منیزے جہانگیر کو ٹف ٹائم

    I have a right to my opinion!!!! What a bitch in making.
  11. Londoner/Lahori

    الیکٹرانک ووٹنگ مشین کا بل مؤخر

    Free and fair elections don’t suit the “thugs” sitting in the Parliament, if voting is done through EVM, most of them will lose. They have got 25-35 thousand fake votes in each constituency, it’s called science of electable, in the presence of EVM those fake votes are dead and buried. Rest of...
  12. Londoner/Lahori

    حسن علی کی وجہ سے آج پاکستان ہار گیا

    Australian do not play well to spinners at all, instead of out of form Hassan Ali, they should have brought in Qadir, Australians are very good in playing fast bowling, Matthew Hayden should have covered that angle, why????
  13. Londoner/Lahori

    کیا وزیراعظم عمران خان فائنل میچ دیکھنے یواے ای جائیں گے؟

    Why not, Imran khan is a cricketer too, he has lived cricket most of his life, if he wants to go, he is 200% entitle. people don’t need to be narrow minded.
  14. Londoner/Lahori

    محمد رضوان اور شعیب ملک بیمار، پریکٹس سیشن میں بھی شرکت نہ کی

    You thick headed person, this is a different era and different team with a very strong mindset. Same was the case with Indians, our team has beaten Indians. No worries inshallah.
  15. Londoner/Lahori

    جاتی امرا نیلامی کے باوجود نواز شریف کا واپسی سے انکار

    Sorry Mate You have just wasted your time and thought process, a convicted felon and absconder, owner of noon league, who got few media houses on his payroll, approximately 35 billion dollars of looted money from poor Pakistanis. You called him a leader, he is actually a “GEEDAR”,. He thinks...
  16. Londoner/Lahori

    Is Imran Khan heading towards the same end as Ayub Khan.

    Mr. language please, I am not a Patwari, but you appear to be very thick minded, l have just explained that how powerful sugar mafia is. Whole “mahengai” thing is gradually becoming a on point agenda “sugar” , if nothing is done about it, they are on course of bringing Imran down. He will...
  17. Londoner/Lahori

    Is Imran Khan heading towards the same end as Ayub Khan.

    I appreciate it’s a totally different era, and much harder, compare with those times , Pakistan media has grown very strong and big, Ayub didn’t had the media issue, they just want to stop Imran before he could start, remember this writing, Sgar Mafia will bring down this government, if Imran...
  18. Londoner/Lahori

    Is Imran Khan heading towards the same end as Ayub Khan. At least one person realised what’s wrong, and decided to take a punt, I just hope that Imran Khan will succeed against sugar mafia.