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    Norway says Taliban team expected in Oslo for aid talks

    While they are in Oslo, what else they are planning to do....
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    Some Truth in what she says ???

    The minister was right one one point, we are getting very impatiance with opposition, no matter whose is this. whenever you say something different, rarely anyone says "let me hear you why you think this way", they will just jump on proving you wrong, it does not matter what is right or wrong.
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    حکومت مری بائیکاٹ مہم روکے،ہمارے چولہے بند ہوگئے، ہوٹل مالکان

    most of these hotels are owned by or owned by the families of MNAs and MPAs or a leader of a sort. I have been to KPK and other places, its far much better than this tourist trap.
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    پی آئی اے کے فی جہاز عملے کی شرح 550 سے 260 کردی گئی۔ ارشد ملک

    As compared to other airline in the region, not (qatar or Etihad)?
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    عثمان مرزا کیس: متاثرہ لڑکے اور لڑکی کا ملزم عثمان مرزا کو پہچاننے سے انکار

    This is how things has been done in Pakistan since the first martial law, the rates kept going up. I recall during Zia regime a Prostitution hub was busted in Defence karachi and the owner name Meena threw her shoe at IG in court and said who the hell are you to arrest me, later that IG was...
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    بائیکاٹ مری ایک بار پھر سوشل میڈیا پر ٹاپ ٹرینڈ

    When I was there a couple years ago with my family, there are agents who ran after your car to sell you room and at that time I spent like 15k per room , not only that rooms are dirty and not very clean and towels and soaps are like rationed size. I used to go there with my father and the...
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    Tragedy in Murree - Prof Dr Javed Iqbal

    sub kuchh ho sakta hai sirf iss baat ka azm ho ke hum ne awam ki sahoolat ka khayal rakhna hai, jub aap ke zehn mai sirf khidmat aur ek dosray ke khayal ka jazba ho to bahut saray achhay mansoobay or system bantay hain chahe technology ho ya na ho. Aur iss mai sub ko shamil hona chahye wafaqi...
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    Dubai’s Radical Plan For 2040

    peace and security in Karachi was destroyed so Dubai can attract all tourists and investment. I know there were other problems as well however I think this is one of factor
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    مدینہ مسجد : سپریم کورٹ بمقابلہ مذہبی لیڈر،اصل مسئلہ کیا ہے؟

    Imam Ghazali se ek martaba badshahe waqt ne kuch tajaweez mangi to unho nay kaha ke madrasseh mai dakhlay ke liye shart rakhee jaye ke ye koyee hunur bhi seekhay ga, jisay ye manzoor na ho wo dakhal nahi hoga kiyunke agar unke paas hunur hoga to wo hunur baichay gai, nahi to sirf deen hoga wo...
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    Some bitter facts - A great interview

    I never liked him for what he propagates, however what he is saying is right about the problems with us as a country and society. We need to educate on lots of things that we brushed under the carpet.
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    میں مدینہ مسجد کو گرنے نہیں دوں گا عامر لیاقت

    SC decision is based on the fact the organization did not paid any money for land to build mosque. Which seems quite logical, if you pay to get a legal rights of your home, why not for Allah home I am sure after few years there will shops built around it to support the mosque and the rent will...
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    Movie Review, Don't Look up.

    The movie had quite few messages and some good comic lines " Both the Indians with bow and arrow and with elephants"... Leonardo has been involved in environmental causes, this is part of that message I guess Also watched "The Harder they fall" I would suggest "Dopesick", a series on Oxycontin
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    BBC Urdu trying to promote dating/Tinder app culture in Pakistan

    There is nothing wrong if 2 consenting adults chooses to marry in a civilized way. You can use these tools which way you can, there is a right way and the other way, always.
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    The Reality of "Jannati" & "Bahishti" Darwazay

    One must not make fun of someone else religion or beliefs, you can refute it , provide arguments about deny it prove him false. But a real scholar will not make fun of anyone. Not that I believe in any of these beliefs but I think we should be respectful and for that reason I have lost respect...
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    The dangerous trend.

    ye wo jin hai jo ab bottal may wapis nahi jayega...
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    Famous Actor Abid Farooq (Professor Baaghi) Passed Away

    I used to see him in khabardar show etc, a good knowledgeable person. May Allah bless his soul and elevate his status in heaven InnaLillahe wa InnaElahe Rajeoon.
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    If the Dogs are so loving, Why are they haraam in Islam?

    I am not aware of any specific commands about it, however something I dont like to do I will not do it for others, if I have to deal with selling Ham to non-muslims in non_muslim country I will deal with according to my personal situation. I know that Quran says that when you try to avoid and...
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    If the Dogs are so loving, Why are they haraam in Islam?

    Pig is also a creature of Allah, HIS all creations are beautiful. We are told not to eat the meat of PG, not to hate it. One must not step ahead of Allah saying its bad. Jitna Allah ney kaha hey uss se agay na jayen
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    Captain Safdar’s Romance for Mumtaz Qadri

    He did a job for them so they can install those judges, who are now playing on their tunes