1. QaiserMirza

    Jinnahpur Maps Existed - جناح پور کے نقشے فوج کے پاس محفوظ ہیں

  2. Keepinformed Anti Altaf Hussain Website with Leaked Terror Videos

    I got this link on this website today and it was also mentioned in Aapas Ki Baat on GeoNews TV. It contains all the videos of Altaf Hussain's Terrorists. We should encourage this.
  3. J

    Question regarding Altaf hussein's arrest or sickness.... And the Media

    why media does not eliminate the rumors of altaf hussain captured or sickness????? as u know there are many tv channels in pakistan geo tv ,ary , express etc.and they have thier own reporters working in foreign countries why they don't use thier reporters to bring the facts weather...
  4. Kharian Kharian

    Mysterious Sickness of Altaf Hussain

  5. J

    Altaf Hussain's statement regarding breaking country seems true - Najam Sethi

  6. Keepinformed

    Reason for Karachi Unrest Was Altafs Arrest PLUS Dr Farooq Supporters Hunting Down Altaf!

    Read carefully.. The house arrest, at the residence of one of Altaf Hussain’s friends, did not prompt any strong reaction from MQM Pakistan and London leadership, who stayed mum on the entire episode and avoided categorical statements. Ummat sources in London have shed light on the background...
  7. J

    No reply from altaf hussein........!!!!!!!

    Still no reply from Altaf Hussein after Zulfiqar Mirza press conference which Zulfiqar Mirza categorically said that MQM IS INVOLVED IN TARGET KILLING.... what do u think altaf hussein is arrested or not?????????????
  8. IndiaGuy

    No restrictions on Altaf Hussains movement: British HC

    ISLAMABAD: The British High Commissioner Adam Thomson said Monday that MQM chief Altaf Hussain is a free citizen and no restrictions have been made on his movement, DawnNews reported. Reports of Altaf Hussains arrest are false whereas Imran Farooqs murder case investigation will be completed...
  9. L

    Aik Aur Darama: ZuilfQar Mirza K Ilzamat Altaf Husain Ko Na Batanay Ka Faisla - MQM

    waisay ab Mujhay Yaqeen ho giya hay,Altaf Husain House Arrest ho giya hay,Warna Z/m Warna Press Confrence k baad Khi mein ab tak pata nahi kitnay be gunah aur Shaheed ho janay they,Altaf Choran walay ab aap house Arrest hi achay lag rahay ho,:P
  10. littlemaster

    Interesting questions from altaf husain by cute/smart girl.

  11. littlemaster

    Mqm's struggle to hire solicitors to defend mr altaf husain.

  12. omerkashmiri

    Altaf being sick hospitalised in London

    KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s Quaid Altaf Hussain is under treatment in a London hospital for the last one week being sick, said a MQM handout issued here today. Altaf being treated by the specialists is on the way to recovery. MQM Rabita Committee has appealed to all the workers...
  13. J

    Anyone have seen audio or video message of Altaf Hussein after rumor of his escaping?

    Does any one have a recent audio or video message of Altaf hussain after rumour of his escaping and capturing by British authority...If no AUDIO OR VIDEO THEN why??????????????
  14. Centennial73

    Altaf Hussain*** Leaked Mugshot ***

  15. Keepinformed

    Can Dr. Gholam Mujtaba Replace Altaf Hussain

    If urdu speaking people want a genuine and good representation then I think Dr. Gholam Mujtaba would be an excellent replacement of Altaf Hussain who everyone knows is a criminal that is out there for his own interests and spreading hate and murder through sectarian violence. Karachi could do a...
  16. crankthskunk

    The Source of the rumor about Altaf's arrest

    Everyone is reporting from the London post site, which has broken the news with a question mark. I dont think it is correct news. So, please dont spread rumours and wait for the confirmation. I have checked British media I cannot find anything on this important news. Remember they all covered...
  17. A

    Altaf Hussain caught escaping to South Africa? By Special Correspondent Friday 26 August 2011 London: Altaf Hussain self exiled leader of MQM-A caught escaping to South Africa by the authorities. According to sources, Altaf Hussain was hiding in the Wrexham area close to Slough in...
  18. C

    MQM Involved In convener Dr Imran Farooq Murder

    ISLAMABAD – The murder case of MQM convener Dr Imran Farooq is nearing its conclusion as the secret agencies nabbed three suspects in Pakistan some days back, while the British police conducted raids in London on Thursday. Khalid Shamim, who also belongs to Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is...
  19. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Karachi ka massaala - Bahtar option kia ho sakta hay - by Altaf Hassan Qureshi
  20. M

    Altaf & Bloodshed - This Cartoon sums it up!

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