1. karachiwala

    The Real Talk between Altaf and Imran Khan - Altaf asks for Help in Punjab

  2. arslan4u

    Imran Khan's talk with Altaf Hussain only to discuss Pakistan's Sovereignity: Akbar S. Babar

    The MQM Quaid Mr. Altaf Hussein had repeatedly desired to talk with the PTI Chairman Mr. Imran Khan in the recent past. The MQM Leaders desire for a telephone conversation with the PTI Chairman was communicated to the PTI Sindh Leadership. The PTI requested clarity on the following issues...
  3. arslan4u

    Imran Khan speaks to Altaf Hussain - Haroon ur Rasheed Analysis

    My own analysis: In 2004, a lot of people including PTI workers were against Imran Khan for not supporting military operations in Tribal Areas and Waziristan, but time proved he was right. Many people did not support Imran Khan's decision of boycotting 2008 elections, but time proved he...
  4. simple_and_peacefull

    Azizi as Altaf Hussain

  5. J

    ===> Altaf & Imran Chat On Phone مبارک ہو <===

    Just watch the news on SAMAATV. Both guys have chatted with each other. Details are coming.
  6. P

    Altaf bhai protest against freed raymond davis. . . . ?

    Joke of the year. tafoo jo cia ki job kerta vo baat kar sakhta hai . Aaj tafoo koi telefonic khitab nahi karey ga gaddar
  7. A

    Beauty of karachi by mqm altaf hussain

  8. B

    Why our ALTAF BHAI not coming Pakistan . . :(

    Salam, Friends i personally like MQM and its efforts for our PAKISTAN, bt main jb b kisi sy MQM ki baat krta hn to logon ka ak sawal hota hai k itna sb kuch hony k bad b Altab Bhai Pakistan kyun nai aty aur ab jb k Pakistan level tk MQM kaam rai hai Govt mai MQM k log hain jo din rat Pakistan...
  9. J

    MQM Representatives ہم سا ہو تو سامنے آئے.

  10. M

    Altaf Hussain Property & Bank Balance in UK, He is a Millionaire

    The asian journal today revealed Altaf Hussain property worth million of pounds in London. May I ask from where he brought this money? I tried to upload the image of the newspaper but failed. May I request other members to upload the images or the full story.
  11. M

    Cartoon of the Day - Pakistani News Papers (update Daily)

  12. foqia khan

    Funny And Interesting Video Clips Thread + Jokes and Funny SMS

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