indian terrorism

  1. txqpzrk

    Please sign this petition to declare India as Terrorist state

    Over 100,000 Indians signed a petition on Whitehouse website yesterday, to Declare Pakistan a terrorist state. I think it is time to payback.Please sign this petition to declare India a terrorist state, for its activities in Pakistan specially in Baluchistan through its proxies. If we get...
  2. Wadaich

    Pehle Pakistan Ko Aadha Kia, Ab 4 Tukray Aur 8 Tukray Karain Gay - Indian Minister Threats

  3. A

    Cricketism and Indian Terrorism

    786 Muslim blood is cheap... Happy Holy Ramadan. Humanity has a right to know truth. __________ Cricketism and Indian Terrorism -DR. ABDUL RUFF ----------- [After a convincing win in Test-1, the English masters, like Indian state terrorists pouncing upon innocent...

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