1. Adeelsaleem

    Weapons recovered from MQM offices - Anti-Pakistan material recovered as well by Rangers

    Alt Link Exclusive Talk Of Brigadier General Khurram Shahzad After Operation Against MQM at 90! Alternate Link 826731700795461
  2. Hunain Khalid

    Farooq Sattar, Khawaja Izhar Will Reach Press Club & Disown Altaf Hussain

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  3. Jazba-e-Junoon

    A brilliant strategy by Rangers to arrest MQM 2nd tier leadership. Hates off to Rangers

    A brilliant strategy by Rangers to arrest MQM 2nd tier leadership. Hats off to Rangers This is an awesome work done by Rangers this time around. Instead of just arresting the ones directly involved in today's violence incidents in Karachi, Rangers acted brilliantly and have arrested the 2nd...
  4. N

    Ayub Bandhani suspect of Amjad Sabri's murder more revelations during investigation

  5. A

    Watch How Aamir Liaquat Hussain Changed his Statement on Nawaz Shareef - MUST WATCH

    ????? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ... ???? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??????? .. ???? ??? ??? MUST WATCH till end :lol: :lol:[hilar]
  6. I

    Farooq Sattar Gets Angry On Anchor That Why He Is Taking Side Of Mustafa Kamal

  7. Skeptic

    PSP inaugurates party office in Quetta & Sarzameen new song

  8. Wadaich

    This is Urban 5thGenWar. MQM are a Brutal Murderous Gang Working for RAW. The civil concept of "Extr

  9. A

    کیا الطاف حسین ذہنی طورپر معذور ہوچکے ہیں

  10. S

    Amnesty demand by mqm

    1--Official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses. 2--Amnesty sounds a little like "amnesia," and that's because in its more specific sense amnesty means "forgetting." The government will essentially forget about whatever crime was committed, or whatever horrible...
  11. R

    SAMAA NEWS Investigative report on Rashid Godil's attack CCTV FOOTAGE

  12. Matie Khan

    Nine Zero visit costs JUI-F resignation by senior party official

    KARACHI: Displeased with Maulana Fazlur Rahman’s visit to MQM headquarters Nine Zero, Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Sindh secretary general Rashid Mehmood Soomro Tuesday resigned from his party post, ARY News reported. According to details, senior members of JUI-F could not stand the visit of...
  13. paki-muslim

    MQM/Altaf Hussain Using Qadiani Network (Ummat News)

    Source :
  14. Matie Khan

    Timeline: PPP MQM Relation

  15. A

    Should Rana Sanaullah be sacked ?

    On kasur incident the way PML N especially Rana Sanaullah is trying deliberately to make this incident into a small problem and made media move away and lying again and again about it. so lets have a poll that should Rana Sanaullah should be sacked ? or not
  16. A

    PML N vs Pakistanis

    For few days i am cing when every Pakistani is talking about * India killing Pakistanis on line of control * Flood and its caused problems * Iran deal with USA * Peace talks with Taliban * AH and MQM issue * Load shedding * Pakistan keep taking more and more loans * NAB cases * and now...
  17. A

    Kasur Incident Vs Model Town Incident

    Few days ago in model town v c extream brutality and killing of ppl which is even captured by media cameras .. SS took a notice and made a JC , whos report is never made public , in that report who ever was accused never get any punishment And Now Kasur Incident happened and SS made an other...

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