1. Malik AR

    راولپنڈی میں پہلا کورونا کیس سامنے آ گیا

    The number of positive #COVID19 cases in Punjab are 80 so far. One of the new cases is from Rawalpindi Our teams are working tirelessly to facilitate all these patients & their close contacts. Social distancing is the best strategy to limit the spread of virus!
  2. J

    A street of U.K. awarded the greatest street on breaking fast

  3. K

    The FATF meeting will begin in Paris from today

    ایف اے ٹی ایف اجلاس آج سے پیرس میں شروع ہو گا۔ حماد اظہر کی قیادت میں پاکستانی وفد شرکت کرے گا۔ https://t.co/brvFpevmxl?amp=1
  4. E

    Controversial Careem Ad | Controversy to get attention becoming new normal for advertisers in Pakistan

    #careem should fire their marketing & advertising team for such disrespectful and offending ad. This is against our values. I mean who approves such stupid ideas and campaigns??? #ShameOnCareem
  5. The_Observer

    Imran Khan outlines his vision for change

    985825130222931968 How to defeat Pakistan’s corrupt elite and return wealth to the people My Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) – or Pakistan Movement for Justice – was always envisaged as more than merely a traditional political party. It is a movement to fight for a just and equal society based...
  6. The_Observer

    PAK ARMY beats EXPERIENCED TEAM, yet again!

  7. The_Observer

    PM Abbasi in action!

    Top official sacked for action against new LNG terminal? ISLAMABAD: The top executive of a public sector firm — Pakistan LNG Terminal Limited (PLTL) — has been sacked for imposing penalties on a second terminal, which has delayed the processing of imported LNG since June this year. A senior...
  8. The_Observer

    KP Government's New Inexperienced Team Left Experienced Punjab Behind In Education

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  9. The_Observer

    Great initiative by KP Govt.

  10. Syed Haider Imam

    Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah unable to answer a simple question regarding the relevance

    Unable to improvise, Mushahidullah insists on giving prepared speech at COP 23 By Rina Saeed Khan Mushaidullah with his speech that he insisted on giving. PHOTO: RINA SAEED KHAN BONN, GERMANY: Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan came to a high-level ministerial...
  11. The_Observer

    Media reaction to PMLN rally's HIT & RUN today

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  12. The_Observer

    Media Personnel views on today's JIT report

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  13. desan

    Anhar Milk of Sharif Family group of companies is deemed unfit for consumption!!!

    After conducting tests on 16 Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and pasteurised milk brands, the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) has only found six brands of milk safe for consumption, the National Assembly was told on Monday. During the question-answer session in the...
  14. txqpzrk

    Please sign this petition to declare India as Terrorist state

    Over 100,000 Indians signed a petition on Whitehouse website yesterday, to Declare Pakistan a terrorist state. I think it is time to payback.Please sign this petition to declare India a terrorist state, for its activities in Pakistan specially in Baluchistan through its proxies. If we get...
  15. B

    پاکستان میں تعلیم کا حال نذیر ناجی سے

    پاکستان میں پڑھنا منع ہے
  16. KingCrimson

    London based Pakistanis needed

    Hi I have an opportunity where I can invite Pakistanis in London for part time activity which will involve light meal/food/tea etc and you might earn money as well. It a project which is London based and caters to Pakistanis. If you can contribute creatively as a writer/reader/singer/actor...

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