1. Nawazish

    Who is Going to buy Imran Khan's Upcoming book? If you do,~~~ Like this post!~~~~

    Even If someone gives the book to me for free, I will still buy Imran's book, so he gets the money. Just wondering how many of you are as excited as me? (bigsmile) If you are going to buy the book, Please Click LIKE :)
  2. A

    Why pti supporters are emotional like ppp jiayalas ???? This is my last post in this forum

    This is my last post in this forum, meri puri kooshish thi ke is forum main rehte howe aur limits main rehte howe apne nazriat aur raye ka izhar kar sakoon lekin yahan jo main ne feel kia hay siwaye chand eik ke koi bhi logical baat nahi karta directly zatiat pe a jate hain , kufar aur ghadari...
  3. 1-Man-Army

    "Imran Khan Pakistan's Mr Favourite" - Washington Post

    Pakistani cricket hero Imran Khan becomes a political player By Richard Leiby, Published: September 2 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Imran Khan, the colorful cricket legend now topping polls as Pakistan’s most popular politician, never misses a chance to bash his rivals as...
  4. L

    Rehman Malik likely to face removal from Interior Minister post.

    ISLAMABAD: Powerful Interior Minister Rehman Malik is likely to get the boot, well placed sources told the Arab News here Wednesday. Malik will be eased out of the federal Cabinet after he was alleged to have worked discreetly against Pakistans interests. He has been accused...
  5. C

    Breaking News * DG Rangers Sindh has been been removed from his post* for doing operation in Lyari ?

    Breaking News * DG Rangers Sindh has been been removed from his post* for doing operation in Lyari ?
  6. Keepinformed

    Post your horror stories with crime and terrorism in Pakistan here..

    Apart from mugging of valuables like gold and mobile phones me or my family or anyone in the friends has not had any major incident in this lawless country YET. I was wondering if anyone on these forums has had direct or indirect experience while losing some loved one to these terrorists or hard...

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