بڑھتی ہوئی مہنگائی اور اس کا حل


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well even if it’s true it’s more shameful that govt with all its might is a pussy in front of hoarders
And pls don’t compare USA etc with Pak, poor people of Pakistan’s rotee requirement can not be compared with
Just a little more time. Please be patient. Khan will turn the table after after the senate elections. No surprise your party and other looters are trying to gang up against Khan.
Allah supports good people with good intentions!


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Strict IMF Conditions are the main reason for inflation...it will continue for nearly another 6 months as per World Bank report...& than it would come down...
No doubt Kaptaan has a tough time ahead but eventually he will be winner as usual.
Nothing to worry about ...just Chill....because people know who are to blame for this situation...


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Yes mahngai is the real and only major problem for this govt. But saying that they would take actions now? After it all happened? Not good enough. They are not doing what we least expect from them . Everyone is getting effected by this inflation . Wake up govt and khan sahab and co.
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