“Asim Saleem Bajwa ko NRO mil jata hai” Maryam Nawaz speech in APC


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Aurat ki hukamrani ka Khilaf nary lagany waly aaj ghar sy bhagi hoi aurat py wah wah kar rahy hain..........................

Muslim Leangue N is munafiq party of the history of Pakistan..............

Original Muslim Leaguis shall file a case........

Shabash Diesel Shabash......................


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Abe noon ke nuqte maryan safdar aur nawaz ki taqreer mein arya gaurav jaise RSS ke pitho ke program mein ki gai mir shakeel ur rehman ke shagird bikao journalist ahmed noorani ki sazish, CPEC ke zimedar pakistani army officer ke khilaf propaganda ko istemal kar rahe hein? FATF ke masle par Pakistan ko jab corner nahi kar sake, to ab apc bula kar ye zeher Pakistani state ke khilaf ugal rahe he
Ye Altaf hussain jaise hi log hein.
SHeikh mujeeb ur rehman he aaj ka nawaz sharif or maryam sheikh haseena.


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So at last this cat with rash on her body and in her blood, has finally come out of her nasty bag and said that Asim Bajwa got NRO, and we are asking for the same from last two years but getting kicked on our butts, do the people of Punjab understand a little of their leaders dirty intentions now? Can the people in Pakistan visualize that the day these PML"N", PPP, DIESEL and others get NRO's their fight against government will be over and they will let the supporters die in the accountibilities hell and biryani well, because they will be abroad and singing melodious bell. This is what Khan had been saying that they are all fighting to get NRO's and if I give them NRO there will be no agitation PML"N" kept denying, but today she spoke her heart because she is tired of fighting for crime and criminals. And those who think it is a bold statement it is not, she see no other option of begging for NRO than the last to make a false accuzation that Bajwa got it but we couldn't, and she knows that in our society which they have corrupted to full, there is still some eastern values of tolerating a women are alive.
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This Indian proxy family has just one mission now; turn Pakistan in to Syria by attempting to rile up the pea brain goon cartel supporters and pitch them against the state.
Pakistanis beware!!!


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In choro ko NRO chahiye.. ab chor judge QAZI ESSA inki akhri omeed ha. agar yahi koch hona ha TO phir jis ki lati Oski buffalo.. loot mar legal karo. inke liye loot mar jaiz lekin eik poor person ki chori na jaiz.
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