After refusing US Secretary State's call,PM refused to meet CIA officials


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That is not good brother, let us not go that steep down in our trolling our political opponents, does not matter who (gangster) that may be
Whats wrong with that, brother?
he did offer asli ghee wali chana daal fry tot he americans or not?
why you taking it wrong?

The wizard

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Biden is pro army man when last time he visit Pakistan he deal nawaz sharif like usa mulazim khan know this better and show attitude on attitude that was good thing apna khaty hai behan chodo itni ego kis bt ki phir

The wizard

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America ko ab pata chly ga Pakistan mai sahi naam ki jamhoriat aye hai ab na koi dictator hai aur na paiso k liye maa bechny wala jsy ap ka chaprasi b ja kr boly aur hukam maan ly

Wake up Pak

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Ghulam ibne ghulam


And the Leader!


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The doubters still doubt.

I always said that if IK becomes leader of Pakistan he will become a headache for the enemies of Pakistan.

He is not Musharraf, NS it zardari but he is the great Khan Imran Khan.

May Allah swt protect IK and make him successful in making Pakistan a great country and a country of peace
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