Arrest me publicly if you dare-Maryam & PDM leaders Press Conference


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corrupt sindh government does not follow the law they have been taught a lesson how to police if you do dont know how to do your job.
sindh government is an arm of the mafia and corrupt money launderers where is bilawal and murad ali shah they are clever they know marium and the lot will fly
hidden message to the opposition nonsense and illegal acts will not be tolerated
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The first 40 minutes of the video are very enlightening. Then i watched till the 41st minute and switched off.


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This is a bailable offense and he will get bail after first hearing or before. No need to blame a judge for this.


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Press conference with FAZLU jis nay kabhi pakistan ko tasleem nahi kiya, na Quaid k Mazar pa kabhi Fatiha parhi, or PAKISTAN ka PM Banay ka KHAWAB roz dekhta ha

Ikram Aziz

She is a good actress why noora did not allow her to join act school instead kept her inside jati-umra with kaptaan (who always had a hard-on) as per rana sana for both mother & daughter?? Noora is a class baghairat by the way


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This Bytch is on bail ... correct? 😂 Can any of her mindless supporter explain how the F this convicted criminal claiming this? 😂


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یارے پاکستانیوں , یہ پہلی "میڈ ان پاکستان" حکومت ہے ,,, اس لیے اندرونی اور بیرونی سارے لعنتی اکٹھے ہو گئے ہیں ,👍
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