Choudrys of Gujarat are changing their tunes after seeing PTI Tsunami!!!


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Not a single seat. As we witnessed, every single seat is important.

Hoping PTI will get 2/3rd majority in next elections, but one can never trust this rigged system.
leave a little bit slack for bad times .. I don't know what he would do with 2/3 lotas hanging from his butts 🤣?


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No one is perfect, unlike those in Jati Umrah whose perfect lineage keep leading the country to the ground.
Ground is better than the weed crop. Once the whole nation become addict, there is hardly a chance of snow ball in hell.


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Don't try to hide embarrassment . I salute the one who coined it at the right time.

PPP and Patwari league is still living in the 90s when they used to swindle naive voters with sweet and derogatory slogans.

Now people are not even fooled by the suble PR campaigns of ISPR.
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