Expenses of NAB on the high profile cases


MPA (400+ posts)
We are crying too much on the corruption of politician and some time a little on Bureaucrats one or two on Judge/generals.
But no one ask the question to NAB that how much they spend on the investigation of High profile cases and what is result.

I suppose may be wrong but want to know
  1. TA/DA ratio of each employee of NAB is more than any other department
  2. Overtime claim for extra work shall be one of the highest compare to basic salary
  3. Fringe benefits compare to other department.
For the clearance of common people, please discuss above questions, or we consider these cases used as lever against politicians or other high rank employee as bargain chips.


MPA (400+ posts)
Now the whole cases of NAB looks like Ehtasab-ur-rehman. No case had been proved against PPPP & PMLN and all leaders including AAZ, MNS, SS, KSR and BB. These cases is used as bargaining tools against political parties and nothing more.
Spending lot of tax payer money and zero recovery and convication.

In my opinion this practice should stop, at least will save million of rupees on use less investigation.

The tax payer money lost have no chance of recovery, so save at-least current spending.
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