Facebook caused genocide and rape of Muslims in Myanmar


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Not at all, haven't posted/ used it since 2011, even back then hardly used it, don't even own the app on my phone.... no instagram account, no whatsapp. Skype is the only tool I use for work and communication and life has been great. Those who are my mates make an effort to use skype to talk to me and the rest can go tuck it elsewhere....


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Don't shoot the messenger. Medium is not to be blame. It is the content creators who manipulate things just like rulers, money lenders and mullaans. Get the bull by the horns if you are so concerned. Little bit tinkering around the edges does not and cannot do any real good.

Time to create the people who could overcome negative use of media. So long as we will create brainless human beings we cannot solve any real problems. For better understanding of deen of islam from the quran see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
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