Fraudster scammer linked closely to PMLN and Sharifs in London


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31. If you think Imran Sheikh exposed by BBC for stealing millions from UK govt in Student Loan Scam isn’t directly linked to Maryam Nawaz, then you’re mistaken. Here he’s seen speaking informally to Maryam at the Avenfield Apts before her return to Pakistan.

32. More recently, after Safdar Awan’s arrest by Sindh Police after hooliganism at QaideAzam’s Mazar in Karachi, Nawaz Sharif addressed the media outside Stanhope House Offices in Mayfair London & again Imran Saeed Sheikh can be clearly seen standing behind him.

33. Watch this propaganda video produced by Maryam’s social media cell & note the number of shots with Imran Saeed Sheikh, the UK Student Loan fraudster in it, to realize how great his influence is in PMLN top circles.

34. Key Qs is why has Imran Saeed Sheikh not been prosecuted for millions in fraud by UK govt despite BBC Panorama’s report exposing him & UK officials interviewed in the report admitting it deserves criminal prosecution? Can it be that he’s being used by UK’s intel agencies?

35. BBC Panorama investigative report on BBC’s website.

36. For reference & credit for the above mentioned video clips, here is the link for BBC Panorama investigative report full video

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