Gharidah sends notice to being used as a tool for harassment?


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The PMLN may not want to get involved in FIA ( too many)cases, so they brought her forward to file a complaint.

These journalists get WhatsApp orders to accomplish various tasks!!


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yea phir twitter wagaira pr bhe case karay ge , pagal ho gae hy kia ,

ais ko andaza nahi , ais ky twitter daykhny laiq nahi rahay ga , freedom of speech ky against jae ge to

khair ais ka bhe rate nahi lag raha may be pagal ho ry le hy yea bhootni


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ooo my god this is serious human rights violation china must intervene this usa backed gov is totaly gone mad on citizens of pakistan


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Allah kere sab noonio ko mariam nani or kharida jaisi bvian or betian milain. ameen 🤣

deko kitni izzat di hai main ne dono ko... or dua di hai phatwarion ko


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گجرانوالہ جلسے میں لوگ بہت کم تھے۔ بس وہ تھوڑے موٹے تھے اس لیے جلسہ بھرا بھرا لگ رہا تھا۔ موترمہ غریدہ فاروقی سائبہ🙄


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That Ugly B’tch…Instead of castrating rapist, their punishment should be to spend 24 hours with her, they will never get hard again.
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