Here is why Mandviwalla was barking against NAB!!!


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Good. So Mandwviwala has lost. His attempt was all for stopping filing of reference. Now the case will proceed, no matter what he does in the Senate'

Hope Sana Ullah's reference will also be filed within next two weeks - which was delayed through legal gimmicks for one and half year- then he may keep making empty speeches for the corrupt reporters and media.


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یہ رنڈی والا ۔۔۔زادہ اسی لئے بہت بھونکنا شروع ہو گیا تھا


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'Mandwiwala' is a gujarati word which means 'Peanut Seller'. It seems he distributed government land like peanuts....😃😃😃


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NAB is a tool to please sadists.Zero recovery,just a tool of harassment.
NAB is crock of shit, what do you expect when the Chairman was appointed by NS and AZ, and as bad as it is, they have recovered billions. Why did they not recover this under NS and AZ? If such a terrible organisation can recover billions, how much have your haraamis stolen?


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white collar crimes are hard to find and its very hard to convict these criminals in pakistan where big criminals are respected and loved.


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Nab must remain as an independent and neutral body to show its impartiality.But so far nab is only going after opposition figures to prove them corrupt.There has been a wheat crisis and sugar crisis in under the present govt and it said some govt functionaries have made a lot black money yet nab didnt arrest even a single govt official.Accountabilty is not carried this way.


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naam mandiwala aur harkaton say rundiwala..!

زرداری کے آخری وقتوں میں جب پرویز اشرف اکا راجہ رینٹل وزیراعظم تھا اس نے اسوقت کے وزیر خزانہ حفیظ شیخ کو بہت سے غیر ضروری فنڈز جاری کرنے کے لیے کہا لیکن شیخ نے انکار کر دیا تھا۔۔۔ اسکے بعد زرداری نے ایک دھوکے سے حفیظ کو ہٹا کر اس مانڈی والا کو مشیر بنایا اور اس نے آتے ہی سارے فنڈز جاری کر دیئے یہانتک کہ اتوار کے دن بھی پیسے نکالنے کے لیے کھولے گئے تھے۔۔۔ یہ ہے منڈی والا کا ایک چھوٹا سا کارنامہ۔


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If we only consider the number of references approved by NAB.. then no doubt NAB might be world's best organization..

But when it comes to conviction then NAB is a nothing but a big time flop organization..

I know it is all according to script.. I wish if we can have a good Chairman NAB who can decide things on merit.


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sab haraami logoon ko khudaa ka qanoon apne kiye ki jawaab dahi ke liye saamne la rahaa hai baari baari waqt ke saath saath. logoon ne issi qanoon ko nazar andaaz kiya huwa hai jis ko quraan ne baar insaanu ke saamne kiya hai.
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