Imran Khan and Modi, opposite strategies in controlling COVID...


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So far we have been lucky against the ravages of COVID compared to India.

However, one should not discount the policies of the government and the role of NCOC in curbing the rampant spread of COVID.

Although, opposition and Lifafa Media tried their best to undermine the efforts of the government!!!

Modi and IK did exactly the opposite in their respective countries and one could see the results.
However, we are not out of the danger yet and should not let our guard down.
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Bureaucrats coaching doctors in how to answer to the questions of foreign media!!!!


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PTI copied the concept of NCOC from Shahbaz Sharif strategy in controlling Dengue, Lunday Ka Arastoo!!!

Corrupt Opposition's role has been very irresponsible. They have always asked for a complete lockdown but never refrained from doing PDM Jalsas and had even go as far as saying that such movements need sacrifices(meaning they wanted public to don't care about their lives for the Pakistan Dakoo movement).
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