Imran Khan made media its enemy, and gifted it to the opposition


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Sahi baat ha.. Waise IK age PDM ki trah besharam ban kr awaam ki tax ka paise in Haram khane waloon ko de deta tu phr yea media khush hota..

In Besharam logon ko sach pata ha lakin sharam pta nhi kiyoon nhi ati..

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کپتان کسی کے پاؤں پڑنے سے تو رھا ۔ ۔ ۔
اور نہ ہی نواجے- زرداری کی طرح میڈیا پرسن کو سر چڑھانے کی کپتان کو کوئی " لوڑ" ہے
جوکہ اپنی چوریوں، ڈکیتیوں، اور نوسر بازیوں کو
"نہ اُٹھانے" کی خاطر انکے بے جا نخرے اُتھاتے تھے

سوشل میڈیا زندہ باد


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"Imran Khan made media its enemy, and gifted it to the opposition"​

Dr(😜) Klasra once again you misread Imran Khan. Lifafa media propaganda can not do any harm to Kaptaan.

He is still by far the most popular man of Pakistan. The most popular Leader after Quaid e Azam. He could have played safe from the day one by taking on one enemy after another. I mean first PMLN & than PPP & he could buy the entire print & electronic Media.

But here is the distinctions between him & others. He is uncompromising, unshakable & fearless.

Professor(😜) Klasra, ask Mateen, definitely he would analysis Imran KHan better than you.


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To BC kya govt tum jaisay ghaddon ke tattay utha te rehti. By making this statement you are implicating yourself of being biased towards whoever kisses your ass. If the govt had carried on your gravy train, you would have been soft on the govt is what you are saying i.e you lot have 0 credibility and are for sale by your own admission.



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مطلب تم مانتے ہو کے یہ ساری اپوزیشن کرپٹ ہے۔ تو جس طرح دشمن کا دشمن دوست اسی طرح کرپٹ دوست کا دوست بھی کرپٹ۔


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When they talk about media, they mean so called analysts. Media is mostly entertainment. These clowns do not provide us entertainment.
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