Imran Khan's NSA Says India Expressed Desire for Conversation - MUST WATCH


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Thapar never experienced that sort of truth. He become godi media but still Pak put the correct information to world. Hopefully Endia will stop terrorism all over the world. Look at international press as well as troops in Kashmir. China just blown away the whole piece....Such a loosers. Keep saying lie over lie. This remind me "Sorry its MIGxx engine not F16"

dr waqar ahmad

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I am so proud of Dr Moeed yusuf sticking to his guns and amicably responding to the interruptive tactic that the Indian opted to run away from the logical and professional answers given by Dr Moeed.


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نواز شریف بٹ حرام زادہ اور لعنتی اپنی ۔۔۔ کے یار مودی کی دلا گیری کرتا رہا اپنے گھر بلاتا رہا خفیہ ملاقاتیں کرتا رہا حرامُزادہ پاکستان کے خلاف بھونکنے والا کتا مودی کی ناجائز اور حرامی اولاد

yankee babu

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This Indian journo is rated as an undisputed number one journo in India and Indians are very proud of him. But the way Dr. Moeed Yousaf has routed this man with his knowledge and skills was a treat to watch.
Simply brilliant...... Bravo!

No doubt about speaking fluently and coherently after all that continous interruption by that champion screamer, more like him will be replacing our rotten politician of the past.
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