'Imran Khan's video has put them on the backfoot' : Ijaz ul Haq


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عورت کی عزت کریں۔ کیونکہ ہر عورت کسی نہ کسی کی ماں بہن بیٹی ھوتی ھے۔ 👍🔥


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Why there is Prime Minster if Army have to do every thing. Imran khan was Prime Minster of Pakistan what if he can delay for DG ISI so what. look like Army Control every thing. Imran khan was only one no body control him, he was doing what is best of People of Pakistan but some one was there , they was doing what is best NONE Pakistan people , that is why he lost his seat. if they keep doing there is no system . Pakistan stay always poor. very shame. we must need Imran khan and Army need to work under civil Government


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Ijaz Ul Haq spoke like a tout of Bajwa and Neutrals , how come he said that imran khan should not have appointed DG Isi whoever General Bajwa wanted ? Has ijaz ul haq not seen that which kind of dirty people Bajwa has brought to power ? And how he conspired against his own boss imran khan

But he told some historical facts especially regarding Zia ul Haq Shaheed , his father


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He is putting the cart before the horse. Conspiracy against IK was started before the appointment of Nadeem Anjum.

Anyways, who the hell is Bajwa to remove Faiz Hameed and appoint Anjum.


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choron ka saath nahi baitha jaay ga... stooges ke saath nahi baitha jaay ga... traitors ke saath nahi baitha jaay ga... danda peer to phir awam ka danda aanay wala hai intazaar kero... ainj te fair ainj hi sahi... danda man is the culprit... he is a party in corruption... no NRO to anyone now


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Imran Khan is a visionary leader and he knows how to play any game, which is why he is successful in every career that he has chose, be it sports, welfare work in shape of SKMH and Namal University or politics.



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Bajwa Bharwa Nadeem khusra Shamshad Kaliya CJs Bund ayal Athar Min Soor aur kutoray judges MUST GO​

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