In 2014 I interviewed Imran Khan. After the interview he sent insulting msg


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'journalists' in pakistan seem to think they have freedom to ask any question they want no matter how personal. They think if you leave the interviewee speechless then it means the interview is successful. On the other hand real successful interview is when a journalist is able to extract extra information from the interviewee.

Also there no line drawn for personal questions. I have seen anchors ask sheeda tally why he hasn't married yet or when you are going to get married. What kind of question is that??

On a side note, would this anchor entertain personal questions about herself? What is your bra size? What color panties you like? How many men have you slept with?


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so she is undermiing an individual who gave pakistan its identity, SKH, Nimal, -now recovery and recognition on international platform???

tut tut tut-what poor judgment & decision making !


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kaun log hein ye
kaha se aatey
never heard her name earlier
bibi you should be thankful to IK that he gave time to u so u can live with that

kaha kaha se aajaatey hein


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False Propaganda...

She would have saved those Messages from Imran Khan as a Great Souvenir and would have proudly shared them with DAWN, Geo and Maryam for a Heavy Lifafa!!!

These irrelevant Journos are generating controversies to get some ratings!!!

PS: She was irritating in above video, but IK over-reacted...
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گشتیاں دی آئ اے برسات ...... ذرا ہوشیار
میڈیا کے کنجر ، گشتیاں اور ان کے بھڑوے
عمران کے نوروں مرداریوں چودھریوں فضلو
وغیرہ کا سخت احتساب شروع کیا ..... تب
سے ان کے پچھواڑے میں آگ لگی ہوئی ہے
اسے اور دیگر غداروں کو بھارت بھیج دینا
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