Is Maria B right to criticize Indian designer Abhinav Mishra's shoot in Pak

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Well she never got irked by Mahira Khan working in India…..why pull this stunt now?
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It reminds me of when Nazia Hussain sold her soul to India for the sake of glam and extra rupees and yet is for some odd reasons is revered as a Pakistani legacy? One hit wonder turned her back on Pakistan .........Also Adnan Sami disgraced traitor from privileged Pakistan peerage gave up his nationality to be Indian , but that is harsh reality. The Industry fuels this lifestyle and contradictions


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Maria B is right in that all relationships or ties should be reciprocated,
If Indian Designers can come here and work, Pakistani designers should also be allowed the same by the Indian Gov.
Since presently this is not the case, hence she is right to demand the Gov to review its policies..
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