Israeli forces beat mourners carrying Abu Akleh’s body


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لادین جمہوری غیر مسلم اکثریتی ریاست میں مسلم رعایا اور مذہبی حقوق. ایسا پاکستان میں ہو تو. انسانی اور مذہبی حقوق کی ٹھیکیدار غیر مسلم ریاستیں اسی طرح چپ رہیں گے ...!؛

Wake up Pak

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The only way forward to have some respect and voice in the world is for Muslim countries to be united on common issues, but unfortunately, I do not see it happening as every country just looks after its interests.


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Jab Muslims hukamarano.leaders k mufadat USA.. West ke sath juray ho..Phir Palestine m Israel k Zulam o Sitam ko kon rook sakta ha??
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