"It was a slip of tounge" - Owais Noorani on his statment about Balochistan


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🤣 🤣 🤣

اچھا تو یہ ہے نورانی۔۔۔

اور ساتھ میں حامد میر بھی ہےجناب
کیوں نہ ایک ڈنڈے سے دو مشڈنڈے ؟ اب
اس میں کیا 😀

Bubber Shair

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اس کتے کے بچے نے سارے جلسے کی پین کو۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اختلافات اپنی جگہ مگر پاکستان کی سالمیت ہے تو ہم سب کی عزت ہے
اس کو کچھ کہنے کی ضرورت نہیں کل یہ خود اپنی جگہ سے بہت نیچے چلا گیا، اس کاباپ نورانی بھی ایسا ہی مسخرہ تھا


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It was a slip of the tongue or something else remains to be seen. All these filthy peddlars of religion must understand one thing. A true Aalim is never so fat. True aalims partake very little. A big fat obese man is a obscene sight. Dr Israr Ahmad is the best example. As is often said you cannot cover the sound of a fart by pulling the chair hoping it emits a similar sound. That is exactly what this Noorani [or maybe Owais Pareshani] did. Now wait for a new 'installation. Updating will not help this rotten to the core glutton.


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I think Ahmed Norani didn't mean that, he only made a political statement infront of Balochi freedom fighters or their sympathisers, to get their vote & support. Thats it people shouldn't think wrong about him.


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Even Hamid Mir, started his intro with:

"people understood you wrongly on the statement, please clarify"

otherwise, we have seen Hamid Mir, he would catch all wrong statements.


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Hamid Mir is more politician rather than Anchor.
Laanat mir s/o Laawaris mir tried to enter politics by making his brother Namaloom mir the candidate for peeepeeeepeeee. He was under the impression that his fame and intellectual capacity made him the most popular leader in Pakistan after Quaid e Azam. How many votes did they get? I forget the exact figure but vaguely remember them to about 465 in all. He tried many 'back-door' pathways but the sod gets exposed quickly. Such people do not have loyalty to any one. They can sell their mothers, wives and daughters to achieve their goal...WEALTH.


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His career is now technically over and he should be blackballed from all political forums and media channels. The biggest threat is from within and such characters.
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