Jahangir Tareen gets active in Punjab, meets Usman Buzdar's cabinet ministers


Senator (1k+ posts)
He is an asset for PTI ..... understands Punjab politics and how to manage the politicians


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
You must be having good reason for your assumption.....
I think IK needed his help to get Punjab in order
What donkey Buzdar is doing? Isn’t he Wasim Akram plus? He should be able to manage Punjab by himself. Farah Khan ( wife of Ahsan Jameel Gujjar) aur Bushra Peerni! Allah tum donon say poochay jinhon nay iss gadhay ko hamaaray ooper musallat kia.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Why don’t IK announced him as special assistant to PM ?
Or Asad Umer, voice of PTI ?
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