Kuwait resumes visas for Pakistani citizens after ten years of suspension


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نیازیوں نے تو کویت سمیت پوری دنیا سے واپس پاکستان جا کر جاب کرنی تھی۔ الو کے پٹھو تم کویت پر خوش ہو رہے ہو۔ ڈوب مرو چلو بھر پانی میں۔


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When you use third party bloggers you lower the quality of the real valid content and state sources , while the practise of some two face Social Media touts is to promote their own people it defeats the objective , that's why you have crap content on many so called Official PTI pages which is run by and to promote friend/s only groups


haa pehla visa shaikh rasheed ko mila hay. jub kisi ko visa milay to hum kuwait main rehny waloo ko zaroor batana . 11 saal say ye chootiya bana rahy hain
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