Major Gaurav Arya explains Sectarian Fault Lines in Pakistan


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Don’t promote gobar Arya. Due to fear from Pak army, he retired early so that he & his boyfriend gaoSwami win wars in tv studio same like Bollywood 🤣


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why you are posting rubbish here. gao-Araha ko endia meain post karo
please do not circulate such a shit
why this [email protected] is on our forum?
i think it is ok to circulate this
its benificial for Pakistan, rather than india
Don’t promote gobar Arya. Due to fear from Pak army, he retired early so that he & his boyfriend gaoSwami win wars in tv studio same like Bollywood 🤣
Why promoting Indian propaganda. This army guy of I dia is shitttttttt hole and Pakistanis are promoting him
I agree with you all, I posted the same video before Aamir Ayoub but as soon as I realized that apart from Indian dirty plan, it contain false propaganda about Pakistan, I decided to replace it reluctantly with HTV as I did not want start my thread with this shity indian video. HTV video contained a very short clip of the original video and had only the portion where the Indian was describing the plan only.
There is some senseless moderator who deleted my thread. I started another thread asking why my thread was deleted even that thread was deleted. I am copying the deleted thread content excluding HTV hyperling because I got a message saying that they have a policy not to post HTV videos:

Why a very important video, exposing Indian plan was deleted?

Dear Adeel, I posted following video where an Indian Retd. Major is pointing fault lines in Pakistani sectarianism. He is suggesting that India can create chaos in Pakistan by simply investing 4 - 5 Cror Rupees. He is showing a plan to implement it. By buying corrupt moulvis in Pakistan and paying them a salary of Rs. 200, 000 per month and their job would be to declare deobandi Kafir. Similarly, hire deobandi moulvis whose job would be to issue Fatwas against Brelvi that they are Kafir.

The purpose of posting this video was just to make Pakistanis aware of this Indian tactics. So that they do not fall into this trap. I do not understand why somebody who is a patriot Pakistani would delete this video. Furthermore, I avoid posting HTV video, the reason I posted HTV video because initially I posted original video by the Indian major, as soon I realized that it contain some propaganda against Pakistan beside above mentioned plan, I replaced the original video with HTV video because it had only limited part of the original video . And I posted the original video of the Major as post number 2 with a note that "please start watching after 15:30 as there Indian Propaganda before that point.

Following is the HTV video:




Even my above post was also deleted. I am amazed to know how brainless moderators are sitting there who do not understand the logic why I posted Haqeeqat TV video, ONLY BECAUSE IT DID NOT HAVE INDIAN PROPAGANDA CONTENT IN IT.

I am with this forum since 2010, and have contributed thousands of hours to this forum. If I get the same senseless response again from, I will quit this forum forever.


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The day shodars and achoot open rebellion against the upper class,will be the last day of india on the face of the map


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Nothing new here. He has more knowledge than the average indian but he is all about words and has nothing substantial. This guy is all about words. This ethnic and sectarian strife existed for a long time in Pakistan and the same is the case in india. Indian gurus have been charged with raping women. He is just about viewership
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