Modi is IN and IK is OUT of the 100 most influential people of TIME...


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1. Who has the dare to bring the GDP this low in recent times in Endia except Mudi
2. Who dare to bring Endia on the verge of getting scattered, no one but Mudi
3. Who has enlighten real Hinduism and Hindu thoughts against Muslims Christian and other minorities, no one but Mudi
4. Who had really spread and highlighted the hatred amongst Hindu and other religions no one but Mudi
5. Who has showed the real face of Endia not the one with the artificial mask of secularism, no one but Mudi

Well Mudi has done things no one could think or dare he truly deserves to be among top 100 influential people, he alone had driven a population of more than 1 billion of people


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It was for year 2020, do we recall any efforts by Imran khan to influence the world in 2020. guess no. whereas Modi did a lot. He played the vaccination game very well.

Jab se MBS ne Khan k wings downgrade kie hhain, Khan is low in pace.
well, under Khan, Pakistan came out No 3 in the world after N Zealand and Hong Kong in keeping thier economies back on track during after covid
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