Nawaz Shareef , still the most powerful leader of Pakistan.


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Nawaz has no power at all.He does not have popular support.He would not have run away to London if he had support from the masses.During his tenure the economy became import oriented.He made no attempt to increase exports.Textile industry shut down during his tenure.Trade deficit remained massive.He took loans to keep the economy floating.He propped up the rupee using loans.Ishaq Dollar used to fudge economic data.The media was PLMN’s payroll so it never challenged Ishaq.Cost of food and other goods has gone up in every country so Pakistan is not alone where inflation is high.


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Pmln won the election in Daska not long ago , and will win sialkot too. The support is strong and all the vote belongs to nawaz shareef.


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How much the money would be? Consider the value when the flats were mirtgaged.
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