Protest against motorway rape case carried out in Gujranwala


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What I heard few weeks a ago same incident happened almost at the same place but with a girl. That girl was not rich, if "so called reaction was same" back then this wouldn't happened. Why the "Pakistani Qoum" reacting differently about this incident which happen to a rich lady?


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RAW funded liberal aunties are trying to take a political mileage and undermining the Rightful Outrage...

They will soon find some rock to hide under if the culprit found to have connections with Sharif Mafia and the likelihood of that happening is just too high!!!
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باس از باس

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لو جی اب اس یہن سے نمبٹو پہلے۔۔۔ ان کو اپنی دوکانداری چار دن بعد یاد آئی۔۔۔؟؟؟

یو نو مسز خان وی شڈ ڈو سمنتھگ فار دس انسیڈنٹ۔۔۔ واٹ شڈ وی ڈو ، وی شڈنٹ ڈرائیور اینڈ گو آؤٹ سائیڈ۔۔۔ اٹس سو ہوریبل


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Salute to these couragous ladies for protesting in favour of a rape victim, otherwise men of this country r real disappointment,they have become Haijreys,will never protest,even their moters and sisters will be raped in front of them.Country has been destroyed but no protest,leaders r being victimsed,rules r being violated,elections r being rigged but no protest,Haijra nation.
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