PTI performance in Karachi

MS pakistani

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PPP is corrupt to the core and always neglected Karachi but PTI also did nothing different. they made 3 big promises in 2018. 1. will solve the problem of water shortage and take action against the illegal water hydrants who sell water tankers in Karachi. 2. will solve the problem of transport, Karachi has no mass transit system like Lahore or Islamabad. they failed to give any mass transit project, still the green line project is not complete which was started by previous government in 2017 (30% construction was completed when PTI took over). KCR is still not properly functional. 3. Will solve the problem of waste management. Now Karachi is more dirty than before with no waste management system.


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wahan say jeetna phir bhi nhi ab PTI nay, mark my words, Vawda tou 5th aaya, next elections mayn PTI ka ticket leny ko koi tayyar nhi hoga


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Karachi deserves to be one of the best and beautiful city. Unfortunately it has been neglected for far too long.

Citizen X

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Saray kaam wafaqi hakumat nay karna hay tu ppp kis khaith key moli hay?
Haraam khoor jahil jiyalay siraf mulk lootnay kay liyay baythay hain.
Is sub projects pe apnay khusri ki photo laga dey gi and say these a PPP projects.. Just like they did last year when cash was distributed last year during Covid lockdown
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