Record Breaking Survey 95% People Are Dissatisfied With Pak Judicial System

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| World record of justice for Shahbaz Sharif | Imran Khan Exclusive Analysis |
معذرت کے ساتھ ہم ایک منافق سی قوم ہیں جنھیں عدالتیں
سزا دیتی ہیں انہیں کو پھر ووٹ دیتے ہیں
عدالتیں پاگل ہیں تمہاری جیسی قوم کے لیے دشمنی لیں

ہا ہا ہا


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اگر ٩٥% لوگ عدالتوں کے خلاف ہیں
تو پھر انہیں کو ووٹ کیوں دیتے ہیں جو ان جدجوں کو لگاتے ہیں؟

یہ ووٹ وہ جاہل نسل دیتی ہے جو ٹویٹر استعمال ہی نہیں کر سکتے۔۔


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People like Ghaleeza farooqi will be happy today. Wait after she has been used and thrown out like a used ---- will she realise it . Laanat mir s/o Laawaris mir , Saleem tawaifi, Toilet hussain, Sarkari US embassy mein drill shuda haajan will also face the same fate. Pakistanis always had one support and that will last forever but become true Muslims first and our Creator will aid us. Because the judges are no longer honorable can we addreesss them as 'your honor' Can we call ourself as 'daulat Khudadad Islamia e Pakistan' or the more correct name should be 'Daulat e musrikeen wa munafiqeen e Pakistan. The slimy filthy smelly pygmies sitting on the lofty chairs of the courts have sacrificed the whole country and saved a few putrid characters. From today the real test has started. Are the vermin who call themselves Pakistanis fit to be called human beings.
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| World record of justice for Shahbaz Sharif | Imran Khan Exclusive Analysis |
this survey is wrong.......100% + people are dissatisfied.......all these judges should be sacked.....lawyers should have another layer to get licence for parctice....and all judges should be picked by merit.....parliament should decide....of course PMLn will never agreee

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Agar yeh judge 100% harami beghairat na hote, to survey ke results ke baad saray resign dete. But of course you have to be a certified 10000% beghairat to become a noora judge, so this won't effect them in the least.
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