Sheikh Rasheed gets furious with NewsBeat anchor


Minister (2k+ posts)
What a befitting reply to a this Lifafa Anchor....
Jalsa...rally..meeting their democratic right......but if any law is broken...govt agencies would be in action....harsh steps will be taken...
woh Sheikh Rasheed....


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
This woman so called interviewer is RUBBISH & Lifafa. Everything about her stinks. All these MEDIA OUTLETS & their operatives are working against Pakistan. CAN NOT ALLOW THAT! No TV station or show in main stream media can malign US govt or Armed forces like that. If we take all our queues from US why not take a good one.


Minister (2k+ posts)
This was a waste of time by Paras. SR should have abandoned the interview citing wastage of precious time of a Minister who is paid by taxpayers' money.


Voter (50+ posts)
It’s mind boggling that these journalists find no issue with Nawaz fooling the system using fake medical grounds and becoming absconder and challenging the writ of the state.
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