Spain's Catalonia makes 'Niqab' mandatory ;)


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@Vitamin C, why you waste your precious time on these ignorant people. @same question to Tarek Fateh.


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Quantifying something and claiming whether or not something exists are two different things. We know that the universe exists but we cannot accurately measure how big it is because we cannot see all of it.
So you do agree that you dont have the tools to answer my question right? Therefore how can you ask me to prove something that you dont have the measurement criteria/equipment/understanding for? (But we can see Him through His creation, you choose no to).

Stars planets form, not by themselves, they have a precursor which becomes dense and forms stars and planets, they are formed by the creator's already set principles. Why is the natural process so beautiful? why doesnt it lead to chaos from the get go.

Dont put spirit (rooh) in the same basket as tooth fairies. How do you define death? is it heart beat stopping? or is it blood flow to the brain stopping, how do you define it in your evidence based theory? We have seen people recovering from commas, heart failure, months and months after. Theoretically, your evidence based logic suggests if a person hearts stops working, it should be replaced and the person should be good to go, or if his brain stops working, it can be replaced by another persons brain and he should be good to go. Then why is it that we cannot recover a person when he/she dies. What is the thing that we cannot recover, its the spirit (rooh).


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mullas are always ecstatic about their retarded things .
No one is talking about "Mullas" but you dragged them in. I think it takes time for people like you to actually understand what is being said and discussed and thus makes yourself a retarded person.

Retard Meaning:
verb (used with object)

to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede.


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A face mask is a medical PPE, its not to hide your face its to protect your breathing.

Your the type of person who will see no difference between a laptop and a panini press.

Ok atleast you accepted the fact that you are a hypocrite :)
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