The Imported Regime Change Operation - Overall Plan and the End Game


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Every passing day, new developments happening and things getting clear. This need to be understand by each and everyone of us that this is not normal politics. We are going through an important phase in history and down the road in 5, 10 or more years when we will look back then we would identify this point as an important phase of history. What is happening right now is bigger than Imran Khan, bigger than Nawaz Shareef, bigger than Zardari, bigger than Bajwa. Let me first give you a picture of future that will happen. In few years, Imam Mehdi will come inshaAllah. There is no doubt about it and there are hadiths of our beloved Prophet (saw) about him. According to one hadith, when Imam Mehdi will come, a Muslim army will come to fight against him. This army will be sunk into the earth by Allah (swt). Guess which army this will be?

Now, before understand current situation, we need to analyze what happened in the past. We have many examples of betrayals in our past but let's consider a recent one. In 2007, the first NRO was devised and implemented by the US and Kiyani was the handler. It was decided that NRO will be given to Shareefs and Zardaris and they will rule Pakistan as their viceroys for 10 years. Thus, Zardari ruled from 2008-2013. During this time he extended Kiyani's terms multiple times to make sure that 2013 elections are held under him as army chief so that they can manipulate the election results. These are all facts as known in our history. One thing that I need to correct is that PTI would have won the 2013 election but these traitors made sure that the original 2007 plan is executed successfully. So, as we know NS form the govt. 2013 election was the biggest fraudulent and rigged election in Pakistan history where the neutrals made sure that elected govt is not the one elected by the people of Pakistan but a selected govt of their masters. The commission that was setup to investigate rigging was already told in their TORs to mention the results as organized rigging. Hence, the biggest organized rigging in 2013 elections were rejected by the commission. If the investigations were to be done by a true neutral commission, the findings would have been totally different. Alas, it is history now but people of Pakistan i.e. us need to understand that what actually happened in 2013. Fortunately, the US, its handler and the criminal politicians got lucky in 2013 and that conspiracy remain hidden and they get away with it.

Now, in 2017, an unexpected event happened in US. Trump became president unexpectedly. He was an outsider in US for US establishment and he had no interest in US involvement in other countries and actually was against it. It was him, due to which US is now out of Afghanistan. If Trump would not been the president during that time, US would still be in Afghanistan. The other thing that happened is US loosen its control over who they choose as their viceroys in some countries, one of which was luckily Pakistan. Also, at that time, both Zardari and NS were way unpopular in public as well. So the handlers decided that it is time to bring a new face in the PM office temporarily. Hence IK became the prime minister. However, it was not that IK was chosen by the neutrals. It was simply that neutrals didn't rigged the election for any of their stooges. However, they did make sure that IK don't get even a simple majority and this was another rigging which the neutrals went away with (after 2013 biggest election rigging). IK should have investigated the 2018 elections rigging after becoming PM but unfortunately he was fooled by the current handler. So the handlers made sure in 2018 election that whoever become PM should only get enough seats so that if handlers need to kick him out then they should be able to do so easily without violating the constitution.

Now, when NS was let loose and he went to London in Nov/Dec 2019, the original plan was that he will be back in 4-6 months. Just go and listen to what the likes of Najam Sethi, Talat Hussain, Salim Safi, used to say at that time. The original plan was that IK govt will be terminated in few months and NS will be back making a victory sign. However, another big thing happened at that time that changed this plan. In Feb 2012, Covid-19 came. The whole world faced a pandemic of the order that was not seen in last 100 years. The plan to remove IK was derailed due to this because it was way difficult for any govt to handle it. It was decided that let IK govt handle Covid and the assumption was that IK will fail miserably in handling Covid and then his govt will become way unpopular. And this actually happen because during covid, the inflation increased at an alarming rate not just in Pakistan but all over the world, thanks to only a single entity named FED (but this will be a topic for another article - though if you want to know more then check Youtube channels like Gregory Mannarino, George Gammon etc.). However, like most people have no understanding of the type of fraudulent economic and monetary system we live, 99% of people living in Pakistan blamed IK for all the inflation. However, the reality was that IK tried his best to provide people the relief despite all the odds against him especially all the global inflation phenomena and all the internal and external oppositions but now this crooked imported govt neither has the will nor the ability to provide the relief to the people. The only thing that this crooked imported govt can do is take a large loan and flood the market with $$ to provide people some sort of immediate relief by putting our future in jeopardy.

Anyway, now we already know how the US regime change operation was implemented and how the imported govt was formed. We all know who is the main handler and what are different actors and their functions in making this operation successful. However, the story does not end here. This plan is again a copy of 2007 plan i.e. to let US viceroys rule Pakistan for next 10 years. After this current imported govt till August of next year, another national govt will be formed and N-league will have the PM. And we all know what this national govt is? It is a govt. of national criminals and traitors (and no PTI or people election). Then in 2028, another national govt will be formed with Bilalwal as the PM. For the first national govt, the original PM plan was either NS or Maryam to be selected as PM. However on 10th April, something unexpected happened that changed everything. The planners and the handlers have planned almost every possible situation except one because that never happened in the history of Pakistan (or at least West Pakistan). They never thought that people will come out in streets in large numbers protesting against this regime change and this has changed everything. Otherwise, they were thinking that IK and his team will go abroad. Check when the regime change plan was getting executed all the different lifafa sahafi and so called think tanks were suggesting to put IK and his team name in ECL. Check Engr. Muhammad Ali video suggesting IK to never leave the country:

Engr. Muhammad Ali requested IK to not leave his people because he listens to lifafa sahafis like Talat Hussain and Najam Sethi, etc and thought based on their analysis that IK will run away from the country.

Here I like to mention few things if people have not paid attention to them already.
1. These corrupts were always selected and therefore when IK got elected in 2018, they thought he must be selected as well because they themselves were always gotten selected. Last two elections i.e. 2007 and 2013 were the biggest example.
2. These corrupts themselves looted the country and always run away from country when not in power and so they thought that IK also has done corruption and will also run away from country.
3. These corrupts don't have backbone to stand against any type of pressure and thought the same about IK as well.
4. These corrupts thought that people has never came out and so this time as well same happen. All the surveys were already showing IK unpopularity.

Now the question is what is the endgame?

Unfortunately, the best possible and non-violent route is to held the fair and free elections now but unfortunately the handlers will not allow it because they have given words to their external masters. It would be best for them though if they right now undo what harm they have already done and will be the possible safest exit for them as well.

Then what is the second best route - well that is something similar to what happened in Turkey where the loyal segment of the army seized the traitor army segment. Why is this not a possibility in Pakistan? Will the muslim army officers and garrison be ok to be sunk in the earth when the whole army will be decided to go against Imam Mehdi by the few top traitor generals?

Third option - would be a bloody revolution where the people will be questing their public servants about their treachery. We love our army and hope that this does not happen because the enemies want this in first place.

And there is one final option (which handlers think most likely happen) that they will get rid of IK and people will go to sleep and handlers and the viceroys will rule Pakistan again for next 10 years sucking the last remaining drop of blood out of its already dying people. But right now they cannot predict what will happen if they get rid of IK. They still think it is IK because of which people are out but that is not the reason. The people are out because of the actions which these criminals and traitors did and so whoever will oppose them, people will support him/her. They need to understand it is not IK that is causing all this problem. In fact, IK is the last hurdle against the bloody revolution because IK provided a hope for people to change this system in peaceful manner. Otherwise the people are really fed up with all the injustice and zulm in the society. See what happened to the FIA officer who was investigating SS or what happened to the officer who was handling the case of Ayaan Ali.

Now, few things if everything goes well for the people of Pakistan i.e. if elections are held and IK came to power.

1. Pakistan cannot go forward without justice. Justice need to be established. What it means that everyone (yes everyone) need to be accountable, corrupts and thieves need to be punished and traitors need to be hanged. Period.

2. Pakistan will not survive this fraudulent economic and monetary system which is controlled by we all know whom. Unfortunately, Pakistan does not have any important export that other countries critically rely on. So only possibility of Pakistan to survive is to do one thing and one thing only. Get rid of all the foreign Rek-o-Diq gold contracts, keep all the gold within Pakistan and go back to gold standard i.e. PKR should be based on gold. Few things have already been done in this regard. E.g. the recent decision against Riba by the Federal Shariat Court. So, in order to get rid of Riba from the society and banking system, we need to get rid of this fraudulent economic and monetary system of FIAT currency as well where money is nothing but just debt. Check:

The concept that institutions deserve respect regardless of their actions is the reason why these institutions carry on in their wrongful ways because they get respect without having to earn it. Neither the courts nor any institution must be considered a taboo and above criticism. The courts must be savagely criticized for their double standards. How and why should judges and generals be given respect if their actions don't merit respect? Why they should be considered a symbol of loyalty when in reality they are not. And why the neutrals think that we Pakistanis are traitors and working against the country while what we are doing is exposing their treachery.


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Agreed on many points. Good thoughtful article.. Spot on election rigging by military Establishment.
Mujhay bhi Yaheeh lagta ha kuch chezain wrong ho gae Allah swt ki madad se is regime change sazish m..IA Allah swt apni madad Karay ga Pakistan ko Meer.Jafaro se bachanay mein...
Amam Mehdi as ke zahoor k waqt ka Allah swt ke elawa kisi ko nahi lia abhi is topic ko rehnay dein..
Current Riba aur fraud economic system se ap aik dam chutkara nahi paa saktey.pehlay apnay ap ko financially independent karo.then do that..
Pak Army ke jawano ki majority Deen aur Pakistan se bohat loyal ha.Kiyani..Bajwa jessay Issay khtam nahi kar saktey..they will eliminate themselves..
Pakistan kafi change hota jaa raha ha..Hope abhi bhi ha..
Yes next time..IK must focus on Justice and order means police system..And promote bila sood bankari...Allah swt apna khas karam rakhay Pakistan par..Ameen..
Khouni iqlab Pakistan m bohat tabhae laya se bachna chahay..
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