United State Police: firing up to 90 shots killed an unarmed Black man

Wake up Pak

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US can never make mistakes - not in over kills (90 rounds for an unarmed young man) not in making mistakes in drone attacks or even invading countries. everyday you hear how much brutal is Russia in Ukraine but you will never hear what US did in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya. they even did not make a mistake in toppling Pakistan's legitimate government using beggars and looters


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Take these guns away from these so called brave officers and they will start shitting their panta.. Who the fuck shot 90 rounds toward an un armed man.. Even armed man will be down after few....


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If police force need to shoot 90 rounds to neutralize 1 person, then it shows that their police training is full of $hit. It also shows that at this very point, they decided to become judge, jury and executioner.


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"...Surveillance video and body camera audio show Walker firing a gun out the driver’s window. After several minutes of the high-speed chase, which climaxed in a residential neighborhood, Walker exited the still-moving vehicle from the passenger door, his face covered in a black ski mask, and continued his attempt to escape by foot.

"Police first tried subduing Walker with tasers but were unsuccessful. After merely seconds into the chase, according to camera footage and police testimony, Walker turned toward the cops and that’s when he was fired upon multiple times by eight officers...

"...True, Walker didn’t have the gun when he began his foot race, but why should that make a difference?..."

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