What a Class- Pakistan will not going to get a Prime Minister like IK.

Shazi ji

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نا کرو، پٹواریوں اور جیالوں کے بونگے اور 10 پرسنٹ والے لیڈروں پر کیچڑ بھی اچھال رہے ہو اور بےغیرتوں کو زلیل بھی کر رہے ہو؟

I have already watched it a long time ago.
No doubt, at the moment, there is no match for a great PM Imran Khan.

Indeed this corrupt and garbage society of Pakistan has only one good thing going that's Imran khan

Imran Khan is a fighter and will continue to fight for Pakistan single-handedly. It's a pity that not one decent leader from any of the main institutions has gotten on board with Imran Khan.
Start having cocainies and Bhangi you will hv another leader like him 🤣


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What an exceptional man - There must be some naik people among the wretched Pakistanis to have this kind of a person as their PM. May Allah bless him and more power to him.
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