What is the story behind Iftikhar iffi's plot in Bahria Town Karachi?


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Malik Riaz is the biggest fraudia than 17 Supreme Court Judges. He trapped them in way to regularise 1000s of kanal illegal land for 425billion ruppess.
17 billions paid to judges and got the discount of 1075 billions. Nice deal.
No one can take any legal action because he purchased judges and will pay in the balance installments for 5 years.
3 big projects which were more than 5000 billions rupees wipped out from Market, and till today buyers are struggling to get their hard earn money refund or plot.
CJP is shut as someone put a billion in his mouth.


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اگر کسی نے پاکستان کی عکاسی ایک تصویر میں کرنی ھو تو ملک ریاض کی پورٹریٹ بنا لے۔
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