Where are all our PMLN friends today?


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just spotted Across the street

Citizen X

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Disheartened RajaRawal was captured at Rawal Dam by fauji jawans, allegedly trying to attempt suicide by jumping into the deepest water area of the Rawal Lake.
Right now he's in the drawing room of Adiala jail enjoying paanja chitrol.
Sir G you are forgetting that to attempt suicide you need one thing called "ghairat" which totally beghairat noora asslickers like Rajarawal111 kunjars don't have.


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65 mei qom tankon ke age leti ti Lekin pir bhutto nawaz ne is qom ko qeema nan biryani ki laat mei mobtila kar diya Tabi aj qom ki ye halat hai

nahi yara, 65 mayn bhi nhi aisa howa hoga, yeah sab aisay hi propaganda hota hay, logon ka moral high rakhnay k liye. iss qoum may woh baat hi nahi hay, yeah saray danday k peer hayn, jiska hath mayn danda hota hay, ya paisa hota hay bus uskay samnay lait jatay hayn. kitni dafa marshal law laga, aik dafa bhi yeah qoum bahir nhi nikli


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We need to distinguish between friend and PMLN friend.
Seeing PMLN supporters character, they can not be our friends.
They have to choose between Nawaz dangar and Pakistan.
Nawaz attitude had cross it's limits where he is hurting every loving Pakistani.
I was just being polite :)

But you never know, one day these guys might actually start using their brains and recognise the lies their shers have been telling them
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