Why am I afraid of a Powerful Imran Khan, Maalick???


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چار لفافے ایک ہی پروگرام میں 😂
A very enjoyable program, watching these Lifafas crying about their Bleak Future!!!

saarey ke saarey dabbu ye jaan ley ke khan 22 saal dhakkey khaaney ke baad yaha phauncha he and before that he was already a King

so take home message is bande te puttar bano warna zalalat program jaari rahe ga

an honest advice


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Anbar shamsi is bitches of riches.

میڈیا کےلوگوں کو روزی روٹی کے مسئلے پیدا ہو گے ہیں۔
کتنے فکر مند ہیں یہ کے غریب مر جائے اور انکے لفافے چلتے رہیں۔ انکو میڈیا فنڈ کی عادت ہے


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The reason Imran khan outmaneuvered the status quo parties is not hybrid regime but because he is honest to his country, he says what he means, he cares about the welfare of his country. Allah sends his blessing to such people and remove hurdles from
Their way. Remember the truth always win at the end.
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